FIIL T1XS VS SoundPeats H1: Which One Best for You?

The FIIL T1XS is a highly anticipated set of true wireless earbuds coming from FIIL. Another excellent pair is SoundPeats H1, which will be released this August 2020.

Here is a natural question that comes up because of the price point. In this article, we are going to determine which one is the right one for you.

We will compare FIIL T1XS vs SoundPeats H1.

FIIL T1XS VS SoundPeats H1 Review

FIIL T1XS VS SoundPeats H1: Connection

First, we will talk about the connection similarities between them. They are both running Bluetooth 5.0. They will give you somewhere between 30 to 40 feet or 8 to 10 meters of the connection area.

They feature dual connections to be used separately, in both cases, while the other case is being charged. Both feature high-performance gaming modes.

So if you want to play with them for higher-performance gaming, you can enable a lower subtlety mode if you get fewer delays while watching videos or movies and have a better experience than it does with analogies.

FIIL T1XS VS SoundPeats H1: Battery Life

Let’s get into the differences in battery life. The similarities in the case are that they both run USB type c. With the Fiil t1xs, you will get 24 hours of battery life, and soundpeats H1 will give you about 30 hours.

So for this case, the H1 will provide you with some more rechargeability. Both are demanding six hours on a single charge. It was pretty close, able to get six hours and four minutes from t1xs and five hours and 44 minutes on Soundpiece H1.

Overall, the battery life on the t1xs is slightly lower with battery and longer playback time. I think you can use a lot more outside of H1. For battery life H1 win here.

FIIL T1XS VS SoundPeats H1: Comfort

Here the t1xs are more comfortable than the SoundPeats h1. The size of t1xs is significantly smaller than that of H1. So your ears are a bit different, but it still holds up just fine. It makes less contact with the ear.

Overall, the t1xs are somewhat comfortable and win here.

FIIL T1XS VS SoundPeats H1: Microphones and Call Quality

Let’s move on to our next section, Microphone and Call Quality. Both are featured with dual microphones, and both have stereo calling. Call quality Feel T1XS features an ambient mode, whereas H1 does not feature.

Phiil t1xs It works reasonably well; you can turn it on. You can hear what’s going on around you, but it’s not the best mode of service. If you are in a louder environment with a company workshop like this, it does not work correctly.

I hope Phiil has applied a volume adjustment to the application. If the surrounding sound is a feature that interests you, be aware that the air moves to the Fiil t1xs because they go as far as the surrounding sound.

FIIL T1XS VS SoundPeats H1: Audio Quality

Their volume is quiet, but more noticeable than the other is the Fiil t1xs. Fiil is still quite loud but not the loudest earbuds. In my personal opinion, t1xs rating at 7.5 out of 10 in the volume category.

Soundpets H1 loudest earbuds compare to t1xs. Soundpets H1 rating at 8.5 out of 10, in my opinion. If you are a volume lover and want to choose with these earbuds, then the h1 will be the ones to go. Soundpeats H1 is the clear winner in the volume category.

These set them apart from each other because they are two completely different tastes. The t1xs is not a hybrid or dual-driver design.

The Fiil t1xs is an easily tuned single dynamic driver, but it is an available dynamic driver that will bring you a strong base, smooth mid-forward kind of sound. So It is a strong medium-range and excellent. It is desirable about fiil t1xs.

The t1xs has a very decent clarity with a pretty good sound stage. This is the main reason why I continue to call the Fiil t1xs the number one earbud under 50 dollars.

The SoundPeats H1 is a hybrid driver design. So you have got the dynamic driver that will deliver you that bass and that low, mid-range. You have reached the balance arm sure. It is going to give you all that treble and all of that clarity.

They are bringing you strong deep bass and nice sub-bass. If you are watching movies with explosions, things of that nature, you will enjoy it. It is smooth, but it is neutral. It is not as forward as what you are getting with the fiil t1xs.

FIIL T1XS VS SoundPeats H1: App

The fiil t1xs app was finally updated. You get access to a full graphic eq with a lot of different presets, including their bass boost and the treble boost. But they also give you access to a DSP tuning setting, which enhances the sound stage.

This is something that soundpeats could address if they ever decide to come out with a companion app that will give us access to eq settings, advanced functions, and things of that nature. But it is not available as of yet.

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