How to Fix One Headphone Not Working?

Headphones have become a necessary item for almost every person today. These are presented in different types in the market, and choosing the best headphone is no less complicated.

Despite all the reliability of the product, it is susceptible to various breakdowns and defects. Moreover, often the problem lies in the failure of only one component, not two. Let’s talk about how to fix one headphone not working.

How to Fix One Headphone Not Working?

When using large headphones, the problem with the failure of any element occurs relatively often. In this case, a hardware breakdown occurs predominantly. We are talking about the bending of the wire and the loss of full contact.

How to Fix One Headphone Not Working

Locating the fault is very simple. It is enough to connect the headset to the sound source and feel the wire while listening to the song. The appearance of wheezing and crackling will accurately indicate the location of the wire break.

Troubleshooting such a problem is not the least effort. You need to cut out the problem area, strip the wires’ ends, and solder them. It is better to close the junction with electrical tape.

But what if one earphone does not work, and the wire is in good order? In this case, the cause of the malfunction is a damaged or deformed membrane. Getting to her will not be difficult. You need to unscrew a couple of screws and look inside the device.

Quite often, the membrane can be covered with debris or slightly bent. It would be best to straighten it, remove all unnecessary, and wipe the base with alcohol. It would be best if you were extremely careful. The surface is susceptible and can be damaged even with slight pressure.

How to Fix If One Earphone Doesn’t Work?

In a situation with earphones, the reason for playing sound in only one of them can be caused by clogging of the second element with earwax. This problem is common enough, but it can be solved without undue effort. This will require:

  •  Remove the dirty filter from the inside
  •  Clean the speaker itself and the space around it from existing dirt
  •  Reinstall a new filter with a felt base
  •  Check the functionality of the headset

If one earpiece stops working, and there is no hint of dust and dirt inside it, you can check it using the methods described above.

When using wireless modules, pay attention to the location of the battery. In this case, the polarity must be observed, and the marking can be examined on the inside of the device.

The correct position of the headset is also essential. For a clear and strong signal, the cable should be placed around the neck. The capsules must be placed in the ear at the correct angle to maximize the volume of the songs being played.

How to Fix One Headphone Not Working

One Headphone Does Not Work on The Computer?

Quite often, one headphone does not work when connected to a PC via the front panel jack. There can be several reasons for the problem. The connection of this input may well not be carried out at the software level.

How to Fix One Headphone Not Working

To do this, in the sound settings, it is enough to activate the desired information, and the headset will immediately start working.

You can also replace the audio device. This option is located in the settings section called “Sound.” It is also possible that the connector is not connected to the motherboard. To join, you need to open the SB cover and insert the plug into the desired socket.

If all the actions are carried out, and any of the modules does not play, then the drivers are the whole point. They should be reinstalled. This can be done in the device manager by selecting an inactive item and specifying the “Update drivers” command.

You should also check the sound level in the system. Perhaps it is just set to the minimum value. In this case, setting it up through the control panel or system tray will completely solve the problem.

One Earphone on the Phone Does Not Work

Quite often, one earphone plays quieter than the other when connected to the phone. What is the reason? Most likely, it is the accessory itself. It is effortless to check this. You need to connect it to any other sound source.

If the problem persists, then it’s the headset. You can try to clean it or check the condition of the membrane with the wire. You can also examine the shape of the battery and the correct placement. To do this, you should use the above tips and tricks.

But if one of the headphones is broken and under warranty, it is better to take them to a specialized workshop. Full-fledged testing will be carried out there, which will allow us to determine the breakdown and choose the best way to eliminate it.

With independent intervention, the possibility of free maintenance will be lost, and no one can give a guarantee of successful repairs with their own hands.

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