How to Use Headphones and Mic at The Same Time?

Nowadays, almost all forms of communication more or less take place online. And to carry that out properly, it’s important to make sure both parties can hear each other. So, how to use headphones and mic at the same time so that everything can go smoothly?

Several people go through a tough time while configuring the sound system on their laptops or desktop. As a result, it often happens that they can either use the mic or the headphones. But not both of them at once. Fortunately, it’s possible to resolve this issue quite easily.

Just a little nudge in the right direction will help you figure out how to configure both options simultaneously. So, let’s have a thorough discussion and find out how to use both headphones and a mic at the same time.

How to Use Headphones and Mic at The Same Time On PC?

How to Use Headphones and Mic at The Same Time On PC

Even though most people prefer to use wireless headsets nowadays, many may still feel more comfortable with actual plug-ins. But since almost all modern generation PCs tend to use updated jack set ports, the individual plug-in becomes a little problematic.

As a result, if the plug-in and the port aren’t mutually conclusive, it can lead to troubleshooting disturbances. But, don’t worry. It’s still not a complete dealbreaker. There are multiple ways you can try out to get the features to work in your favor.

And so, here are a few ways that should help you out with the port settings in the PC. Hopefully, if you follow them properly, you will get to use headphones and mic simultaneously.

By Using Splitters

You can use an add-on such as a splitter to create a makeshift port setting for your headphones and mic. But before using the splitter right away, you need to know why you have to use one in the first place.

Previously, PCs used to come with separate ports for audio and input. And it used to work just fine since the headsets back then also had separate jacks. But the situation is a little different than that now.

Nowadays, most users prefer to use headsets with a single jack instead. And understandably so, as it’s much more convenient and hassle-free. Not only do they need less desk space, but having a single cable makes it more manageable.

Furthermore, they suit the style of most modern devices. For instance, pretty much all of them use TRRS i.e. Tip Ring Ring Sleeve in the size 3.5 mm. And you need a TRS i.e. Tip Ring Sleeve to use separate ports for audio and input.

So, to overcome this lacking in modern settings, splitters are used. They are practically audio adapters that can help you to fix the external mic issues.

By connecting the single TRRS headset with a dual TRS PC, splitters can seamlessly integrate both ports. As a result, you’ll get to use both headphones and the mic via separate ports. Splitters are the best way to integrate the audio mediums when they aren’t compatible.

Configuring The Headset As Default Audio

If you don’t want to use splitters, there are a few old-fashioned tricks that you can try out instead. And putting headsets on default is one of them.

However, stay alerted that this subtle trick only seems to work on old generation PCs. So, if you are still interested in trying it out, here are the steps:Go to Control Panel after clicking on Start

Step-1: Find & click on the ‘Sound’ option around the very end

How to Use Headphones and Mic at The Same Time On PC

Step-2: Click On ‘Recording’

How to Use Headphones and Mic at The Same Time On PC

You should find three options under Recording. Integrated default microphone, stereo mix, and the microphone of the headset that you’re using. And that brings us to the last two steps.

Step-3: Click on ‘microphone’ alongside the headset name

Step-4: Scroll down and click on ‘set default’

How to Use Headphones and Mic at The Same Time On PC

And that’s about it. If your device is compatible with this configuration, you should get to use both headphones and mic simultaneously.

Using Dual-Purpose Ports

All the new PC owners can try out this trick if the previous one doesn’t work. Since the newer PCs are integrated with single jacks, they will often come with dual-purpose ports. Using these ports can allow you to attach both headphones and a mic in a single connection.

And you don’t even have to add a splitter for this to work. Simply, insert the headset into the dual-purpose port and that’s it. If it doesn’t work, either the headset is not compatible or the PC works with outdated configuration.

Can You Use A USB Microphone & A Bluetooth Headphone At The Same Time?

To remove the problems of hardware altogether, you may think of using Bluetooth headphones instead. So, here’s what you need to do if you want to go down that road.

  1. Find out whether your Bluetooth headphone has a built-in microphone in it
  2. If so, go to the audio settings and change the default audio input to the plug-in microphone
  3. Then plug your microphone into the port and pair it with the Bluetooth headphone
  4. If the Bluetooth headphone doesn’t have a built-in microphone, repeat step 3 directly

How To Use Both Headphones & Mic In A Single Port?

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Unless you’re using a headset jack, you can’t technically use both headphones and mic in a single port. So, you’ll have to try out adapters or splitters instead for that to happen.

However, the deal becomes a whole lot easier if you replace the headphones with a headset jack. Headsets with three strips will come with an integrated microphone in them. So, if your PC port supports the mechanism, you can use both headphones and mic in a single port.

By mechanism, what it means is that the port must have separate contact points for each of the stripes. The easiest way to know if the port supports the built-in microphone is to check the little image beside it.

If it is a headset with a little microphone icon, then it can accommodate your triple-striped headset. Then you just have to plug in the headset to enjoy both headphone and mic features at the same time.


So, how to use headphones and a mic at the same time after all? Turns out, it’s not that hard of a configuration if you know what you are doing. Just follow the given instructions properly and you too can enjoy a hassle-free zoom meeting like everyone else.

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