Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leak in an official-looking promo video, ANC possibly confirmed

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leak

Samsung’s massive August 5 Unpacked event could also pack new genuine wireless earbuds by all accounts, they won’t replace the Galaxy Bud +, but will probably be sold with them.

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And that’s because Buds Live is Samsung’s first true wireless pair featuring active listening cancellation known as ANC. This will make them the perfect competitor for Apple’s highly successful AirPods Pro, which has ANC.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leak

The official-looking promo video leaked on Twitter, which you can see above, confirms the ANC’s presence on Buds Live, even if it doesn’t mention it directly. We get another look at bud design as well as get three more color offers.

Samsung again does not like to copy the design of AirPods (as many of its Chinese competitors are doing) and goes its way. The Galaxy Buds and Buds + looks nothing like AirPods and looks nothing like the Galaxy Buds Live AirPods Pro. Bud and Bud + are extremely comfortable, so hopefully, despite the same weird look, it will be the same in the case of Buds Live.

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