What is the Best Smartwatch for an Android? Top 5 OS Smartwatch Review

The best android smartwatches can do more than display notifications in your possession. These are all in one: a fitness tracker, a wallet, and in some cases, even a phone.

A android smartwatch can save your life with even higher heart rate alerts and automatically connect you to emergency services if you fall.

And, at this time, when we are trying not to touch things, you can use your wristless contact payment systems to pay for items from grocery stores and other retailers.

If you would want to get the best OS smartwatch for yourself, then this article is for you. We decided to find out What is the Best Smartwatch for an Android For you.

Smartwatch Buying guide 

Most smartwatches use a colorful LCD screen or AMOLED display, which lets you view photos, apps, and other content in richer color and tend to be brighter.

The trade-off is shorter battery life though smartwatch makers are improving the device’s efficiency. Some can last several days if not weeks, but you will want to opt for a black and white display.

If you wish to the most extended stamina, pricier smartwatches offer crisp OLED displays instead of LCDs to allow for slimmer designs apple developed.

Its first OLED display made the first-generation apple watch as thin as possible, but it should be noted that Samsung created the first-ever OLED smartwatch.

The galaxy gear design level of smartwatches offers a choice of straps and or the ability to swap them out for a third-party option. This is important if you want to personalize the look of your device.

Most smartwatches today offer plenty of customization options before purchasing, for instance. You can pick the band color and material and face color finish and size for such watches as the moto 360.

The apple watch touchscreen versus touchless opting for a touch screen on your smartwatch would seem to be a no-brainer, but it can be difficult to select items on a smaller touch display.

Some of the gesture-based interfaces aren’t intuitive wear os does an excellent job of presenting card-based notifications.

You can easily dismiss with a swipe, but there is much swiping involved to get to other apps and options within the apps you can. However, switch between cards with a flick of your wrist.

What is the Best Smartwatch for an Android?

Fitbit Versa 24.5Check On Amazon
Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle4.3Check On Amazon
Withings Steel HR4.0Check On Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active24.6Check On Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch4.6Check On Amazon

The Best Smartwatch for Android 2021 Review

1. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate

What is the Best Smartwatch for an Android

The best battery life out of the bunch number five Fitbit versa 2. There are tons of fitness watches in the market, but none other than the Fitbit versa 2 delivers more value for its price.

This fitness watch provides tons of features such as great multi-day battery life, sleep tracking, and music storage—an excellent interface that’s the foolproof lightweight body, and tons more, which are impressive.

But when you consider its price, it becomes even more relevant. Let’s take a closer look at the Fitbit versa 2 comes with a tried and tested squire design that has done wonders for the company.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it mentality while upon the first look, it looks the same as its predecessor upon closer inspection.

You will see that it delivers more style and refinement in its new casing. It measures just 0.47 inches at its thickest, and it looks thinner than that thanks to the protrusion in the middle.

The most significant selling point of the Fitbit versa 2 is that it’s packed with an AMOLED touchscreen panel covered with gorilla glass 3 for protection. It delivers about a thousand nits of brightness, which is exceptionally bright and offers excellent performance even under direct sunlight.

It has a resolution of 300 by 300, which is crisp for its size and ambient light sensors. It delivers a perfect performance before moving on. I should mention that the Fitbit versa 2 has amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, making everything more comfortable than you would imagine.

But also, the user interface is exceptionally intuitive and delivers a superb experience. Overall fitness and sleep tracking abilities of the Fitbit versa 2 are unmatched at its price point.

It’s packed with a smart track technology that combines with your phone’s GPS to deliver real-time accurate statistics and data about your activities with tons of features such as the sleep score, tons of exercise types, and great multi-day battery life.

You can’t beat this. This next pick is the best-looking model out there, and it’s a great option if aesthetics is essential for you.

Reason to Buy

  • 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking
  • 6+ Day Battery Life
  • Water Resistant & Tracks Swims
  • 15+ Exercise Modes
Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness...
  • Use amazon Alexa built in to get quick news and information,...
  • Based on your heart rate, time asleep and restlessness,...
  • Control your Spotify app, download Pandora stations and add...

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2. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

What is the Best Smartwatch for an Android

Number four Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle. Fossil is one of the last remaining watchmakers to stay committed to google’s wear os platform. The company launches multiple smartwatches each year, and they are some of the best-looking wear os watches in the business.

The new fossil gen 5 smartwatch is different. Its upgraded specs, custom battery modes, and new hardware make for one of the best wear os experiences. The Carlyle is both understated and stylish.

It has a selection of watch faces on board that fit. The fossil will be the right choice for those that like their watches to be non-flashy, especially the black variant that we have here, which manages to stay low and stealthy in terms of size.

Its 44-millimeter body fits quite well on medium wrists and can look okay on smaller ones too if you’re looking for something bold and bulky, unlike the galaxy watch.

This isn’t the software as vanilla as it can be the only thing added on top is a fossil app, the library where you save your custom watch faces, and a Nike run club app, which you know helps track your runs.

The watch has a GPS of its own, but it will the phone’s assistance for location tracking whenever prepared. The wearable can mostly track a workout route without much issue. It can also be wonky sometimes.

We had a scenario where it didn’t follow half a hike or teleported us straight away. So yeah, don’t trust it to be a hundred percent on point.

Reason to Buy

  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Microphone
  • Bluetooth calling
  • Battery Life
Fossil 44mm Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless and...
  • Smartwatches powered with Wear OS by Google work with iPhone...
  • Battery: 24 Hr plus multi day extended mode Varies based on...
  • Health and fitness: Heart Rate and Activity Tracking using...

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3. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

What is the Best Smartwatch for an Android

If you’re looking for a mid-range model, then this is an excellent option number three Withings Steel HR. Withings Steel HR is genuinely innovative in the world of hybrid watches.

It incorporates a heart rate monitor and a small digital screen without compromising on analog design. The smartwatch isn’t bulky, it’s comfortable to wear, and it blends in like a regular watch.

It is the perfect hybrid watch for someone who wants an attractive timepiece that happens to be nearly as smart as a smartwatch minus. With the bulk and futuristic look at first glance, the Withings Steel HR looks like a regular analog watch.

It has a classic round face with hash marks around the edges to mark the hours two hands and a button on the side. However, once you look at the watch face more closely, you can see a few extra features at six o’clock.

There is a small round dial with its tiny hand, and hash marks counting up to a hundred percent. This is where you can see how close you are to achieving the fitness goals you set up in the companion smartphone app Withings healthmate ios and android.

The bands use a pin mechanism to snap in and out of the watch casing changing straps requires patience and a delicate touch. The most significant standout feature of the steel hr is its heart rate monitor, which keeps track of your heart rate 24 7.

While most hybrid watchers offer basic step tracking, they can’t track your heart rate or fully track workouts in that regard. The steel hr is more like a full smartwatch or advanced fitness tracker.

The watch automatically recognizes and records specific exercises, including walking, running, and swimming. You can also select 30 more workout types, including everything from soccer and pilates to ping pong.

The steel hr takes willing’s watches to new heights technologically. Thanks to its built-in heart rate monitor and small screens that can display metrics and notifications.

It’s an excellent choice for anyone who’s always wanted smartwatch features in the form of a traditional analog watch.

Reason to Buy

  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Long battery life
  • Activity tracking
  • Waterproof

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4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Smartwatch with Advanced Health Monitoring

What is the Best Smartwatch for an Android

Let’s look at the runner-up for this list number two Samsung galaxy watch active2. most fitness watches come with designs that make them look like alien technology or really out of place.

If you want a watch to look good on every occasion, I recommend you buy the Samsung galaxy watch active2. This watch may be costly, but it is excellent coming in with a big and detailed display, friendly rotating dial, tons of sensors perfect battery life. The design will fit in with every style.

The Samsung galaxy watches active2 come in two versions available in size 40 millimeters and the 44-millimeter version. Both of which are light for their aluminum bodies, weighing 26 grams and 30 grams, respectively.

In terms of colors, it’s available in aqua black, cloud silver, and pink gold. All of which look good and the last thing you need to worry about is style with this device. Since this round shape looks pretty much perfect with different attire on the front part.

It has a 1.2-inch super AMOLED panel with a 360 by 360 resolution on the 44-millimeter version. You get a 1.4-inch panel. It’s an off-screen estate to deliver a tremendous intuitive experience to check your emails, calls, messages, weather, and track your workouts properly.

The digital dial is my favorite implementation, as it delivers a pretty incredible experience. It is back with a homegrown Exynos 9110 dual-core chipset with a clock speed of 1.15 gigahertz and 768 megabytes of ram that deliver outstanding performance.

The operative system works just like expected, and Samsung has ironed out every feature of the os, and it feels perfect. It has 39 workout modes available at your selection, and they all work as intended delivering excellency.

The ECG sensor is also on top of its array of sensors that detect your heart’s electrical activity and rhythm correctly with a two-day battery life that delivers durability. The Samsung galaxy watch active2 is one of the best in the market without a doubt.

Reason to Buy

  • Durability
  • Battery life
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Stylish look
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 Smart...
  • Better Insights To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals: Get...
  • Comfortably Sleek: The Galaxy Active2 Comes In Aluminum With...
  • Keep Your Beat: Receive An Automatic Alert If Your Watch...

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01. Samsung Galaxy Watch

What is the Best Smartwatch for an Android

Finally, the next model is the best overall for us. It gets a perfect score in all categories number one Samsung galaxy watch. The galaxy watch is Samsung’s most advanced smartwatch due to its helpful fitness tracking and four-day battery life.

Suppose you opt for the larger 46-millimeter size that we like. Recommend all of this packaged inside a sophisticated-looking circular silver and black smartwatch with a rotating bezel for the effortless menu.

Navigation is warned that third-party apps are lacking, and its IR support is limited if you are using an iPhone. This is best for Samsung fans.

The big difference between the galaxy watch and the gear s3, besides an extra day of battery. Thanks to additional sensors and a revamped Samsung Health app.

It also detects six of an expanded 39 exercises and still helpfully nudges you when you are too sedentary. It has a reasonably accurate sleep tracker. It is also now waterproof down to 50 meters matching the gear s3 sport, 5 atm rating in a more adult design.

The galaxy watch does inherit problems from previous gear watches. What bad is it’s almost all software-related? Samsung core apps are polished, but the galaxy app store lacks critical third-party apps, notably google maps, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp.

The Bixby voice assistant is here, but it’s no better than s voice understanding us, and Samsung pay doesn’t use secure magnetic transmission.

The fact that the gear s3 did two physical buttons adorn the galaxy watch, and while they are on the right side of the case, Samsung has wisely offset them from the usual center location.

This means they are not prone to accidental presses against your bent wrist as are other smartwatches. It works on other androids and even the iPhone, but we got the best experience with this watch when paired with our note 9.

Reason to Buy

  • Activity tracking
  • Stress monitoring
  • Notifications
  • SAMOLED touch
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch (46mm, GPS,...
  • Live a stronger, smarter life with Galaxy Watch at your...
  • Go nonstop for days on a single charge. The wireless charger...
  • Available in two sizes and three colors, the Galaxy Watch...

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