How To Use Apple Headphones on PS4: What You Need To Know

If you’re a PS4 user who is also an Apple headphones owner, then it’s important to know that there are some limitations when using this combination. 

You can not use Apple headphones directly on PS4 because the headphone connector is totally different and this becomes problematic when trying to use these headphones with an adapter.

The headphone audio jack on PlayStation 4 controller is a 2.5mm one and not a standard 3.5 mm like on most phones, Chromebooks, and tablets.

Now if you think you can not use Apple headphones on the PS4 then you are totally wrong because the solution is not that difficult, let’s see How To Use Apple Headphones on PS4.

Before we get started, let me explain why Apple headphones or earbuds will not work with your PS4.

How To Use Apple Headphones on PS4

Why Do Apple Headphones Not Work on PS4?

Many people want to use their Apple headphones on the PS4, but they don’t work. This is because of the way that the headphone jack is built and how it’s connected.

First Reason

The first thing that you need to understand is the different types of headphone jacks. This can be seen in the picture above.

TRS and TRRS are the two main types of connections, with TRS being a three-connector connection while TRRS is a four-connector one.

The difference between them comes from how many connections there are on each one. For example, the TRS connection has only three connections, the tip (left audio), ring (right audio), and sleeve (ground).

On the other hand, TRRS has four connectors with two rings that provide separate channels for both left-to-right stereo sound and a microphone channel.

TRRS is grouped into two parts, but it starts to get confusing.

First Form:

  • Tip: Left Audio
  • Ring 1: Right Audio
  • Ring 2: Common Ground
  • Sleeve: Microphone signal

Second Form:

  • Tip: Left Audio
  • Ring 1: Right Audio
  • Ring 2: Microphone signal 
  • Sleeve: Common Ground

As we discussed, Apple headphones have a TRRS connection with four connectors: tip (left audio), ring (right audio), sleeve (ground), and ring two (microphone signal).

However, when looking at your ps vita controller’s headphone jack, it’s a TRS connection with three connectors: tip (left audio), ring one (right audio), and sleeve (ground).

This is the main reason why your Apple headphones do not work on PS Vita or ps vita controllers.

Second Reason

The second thing you should know about these two types of connections is how they interact together to make everything work. For example, the first form of headphone jack works differently than the second one does.

If you put TRS headphones into a TRRS port, it will cause problems with your sound because they’re not compatible with each other.

These two types are connected since the ring on the TRS connection isn’t being used by anything when it’s put into a TRRS port.

However, this isn’t the case with TRRS headphones because they will work perfectly fine in TRS ports as long as you plug them into what supports it first (like your iPhone or iPad).

This is due to how TRRS connections are wired since both of their rings can be used by other connections through adapters.

Third Reason

The third thing that you need to know about these connections is how they connect to work correctly. Some devices can be connected with either type since they have a switch or plug adapter that changes between TRS and TRRS modes when needed.

However, others are hardwired one way and cannot be changed without a switch or adapter.

Fourth Reason

The last thing that you should know about these connections is where they can and cannot connect correctly.

Some devices will only work with certain types since their headphone jacks are hardwired to one type, while others can change depending on what’s attached to them (like an audio jack switch or adapter). You can find a list of some devices that only work with specific types here.

This article explains everything there is to know about Apple headphones and their compatibility with TRS, TRRS connections.

It also goes over how they interact together and where you can use them on different devices without any problems or issues.

Can You Use Apple Headphones as a Mic on PS4?

Apple headphones can be used for more than just listening to music. They are also compatible with the Playstation 4 and will work as a microphone on your PlayStation console if you own an iPhone or iPad. All you need is an adapter. Check out our guide on how to use Apple Headphones as a mic on PS4 below:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same wireless network as your PlayStation console.
  • Go into Settings on your Apple device and click Bluetooth.
  • Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on in both devices (PS Console & iOS Device) and that they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is very important! If you don’t have Bluetooth on your iOS device, you will not use it with your PlayStation console.
  • Now that both devices are connected via the same Wi-Fi network, and Bluetooth is enabled, they should connect automatically when close to each other (around 30 feet away). I found my Apple headphones connecting most times immediately, but if your device doesn’t connect right away, you might have to restart the process.
  • You can then test that they are connected by going into Voice Chat and making a call with another friend on PS4 or asking Siri something and listening for her response through your Apple headphones. If nothing is coming out of them during this test, check your PS volume settings and the mute button on your headphones.
  • Your Apple Headphones are now connected with your PlayStation console! You can use them in any game you want. Just make sure that if they have a microphone built into them, it is not muted. If you don’t see mic audio in your chat audio settings, you will have to go into the game’s audio settings and turn on voice chat.

How To Use Apple Headphones on PS4

PS4 has never been a console that is compatible with Apple headphones. The reason behind this we discussed above.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use them on your PlayStation 4. It just means you will need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter that you can plug into your PS console.

This must be plugged in before the headphones, so it knows what device they are when trying to connect them.

Once you have purchased an adapter, follow these steps:

  • Plugin the USB end of the dongle directly into the USB port of your PS console
  • Please turn on your headphones, wait for them to turn off, then press and hold the power button until it turns back on again.

This will activate pairing mode, which should be visible in your Bluetooth settings under “devices” as a connected device once turned back on. Now follow these steps:

  • Go to the PS menu and go to “settings.”
  • Scroll down and select “devices,” then press X on your controller.
  • Select Bluetooth devices. You should see your headphones as a connected device if they are in pairing mode (These steps must happen before connecting them)

Now follow the steps for connecting the Apple headphones to your PS:

  • Scroll down and select “audio devices,” then press X on your controller.
  • Select an audio output device. Here you will see a list of all Bluetooth devices that are currently connected to your console. You should be able to select your headphones from this list.

Now, you should be able to enjoy your Apple headphones on the PS console with no problems.

How to Use Apple Earbuds on PS4?

Apple earbuds are designed to be used with Apple products. Therefore, they are not compatible with other devices, such as the PlayStation 4.

If you want to use your Apple earbuds on a PS4, there is an easy way for you to do so. You can purchase an adapter that will convert the plug on your earbuds so they can connect properly with the input jack of a PlayStation 4 controller.

However, if you have already plugged in your Apple earbuds into your Playstation 4 console and it appears that they are not working correctly, then try these steps:

1. The first way that I recommend is pairing both of them using the Bluetooth feature on your phone. All you have to do is turn on your PS4 and enable the Bluetooth feature on your controller (Start >> Settings >> Devices >> Bluetooth Devices) then hold down the share button until you hear a sound. Click “Connect” on both devices when they pop up, and that’s it!

2. The second way also works but requires a bit more work from you. Connect your headphones to the controller with a 3.5mm audio jack and make sure it pairs, then start playing your game of choice on the PS4. After some time, go to settings >> Devices >> Audio Devices and select “Output Device” so that it’s set to “Audio Device”.

3. To listen to the sound on your headphones, just play a game on PS4 and enjoy.


Are Apple AirPods compatible with PS4?

You may use AirPods to listen to music with a third-party Bluetooth dongle connected to your PS4. You can’t link AirPods (or other Bluetooth headphones) to the PS4 without accessories because the console doesn’t include Bluetooth audio or headsets by default. Even after you’ve got AirPods paired with your PS4

Is there an adapter that will allow me to use Apple headphones on PS4?

Yes! You can plug your Apple headphones into a Bluetooth transmitter, and it will connect to the PS via Bluetooth. You can also buy some pretty cheap Bluetooth headphones if you would prefer those instead. However, it’s important to note that the PS does not support Apple headphones as a hands-free device for voice chat.

Can you use apple earbuds as a mic on PS4?

Yes. You can use any pair of earbuds or headphones with a microphone on PS/VR, but you will need an adaptor to connect them.

How to make Apple headphones work on a PS4 controller?

You can plug your headphones into a third-party Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the PS. Alternatively, you could use a pair of inexpensive Bluetooth headphones if you don’t already have earphones or a preferred gaming headset with a microphone.

What kind of Bluetooth adapter do I need for Apple AirPods on PS?

Any USB Bluetooth dongle that supports the AptX codec should work with an Apple-made USB Bluetooth dongle. The PS does not support pairing AirPods to it without a third-party accessory, however.


Apple Headphones are not compatible with PS4. If you want to use them on your PS4, then you will need a USB adapter that enables you to connect the headphones to the PS4 controller. 

This is very easy and does not require any technical knowledge. We have written this article for everyone who wants to know how to use Apple Headphones on PS4.

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