Pamu Quiet True Wireless Earbud Review: What They Best?

You already know that the earbuds industry is overgrowing and providing our users with various options against the still expensive Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds to popular users.

First, look at an imposing pair of truly wireless earbuds is PaMu Quiet active noise-cancelling earphones. If you look at the specs, it’s offering some new things that I haven’t seen the pair yet. We are going to look at the pamu quiet.

Pamu has released some other earbuds in the past, and they always come out with an exciting way to the house.

These were the first ANC buds from Pamu, and the one that immediately caught my attention was the neat battery case design that can be worn even around the neck.

However, my grandmother said it reminded her of an old-fashioned pocket watch, which I also found excellent. Let’s start the Pamu Quiet True Wireless earbud Review.

Pamu Quiet VS Apple AirPods Pro

SpecificationsPamu QuietApple AirPods Pro
ChipsetQCC5124, AMS3460H1
MIC (Brand)KnowlesGoertek
aptX decoding
ANC TechnologyHybridHybrid
Driver Units10mm PEN+Titanium11mm
Ergonomics Fit
Water ResistanceIPX4IPX4
PriceView On the Official WebsiteCheck On Amazon
Airpods Pro VS Pamu Quiet - Which has better ANC???

Pamu Quiet True Wireless Earbud Review

Tech Space

We are going to Pamu Quiet Review. Look at some tech space and see what they gave us. I want to mention that it has been identified as the world’s first pair of truly wireless earbuds powered by dual chips.

It uses a Qualcomm 5124 chip that manages your connection, and it has Aptx, AAC, and SBC playback—also using an Ams 3460 chip that controls to cancel the sound.

The ambient mode allowed the sound to enter, but once you press the right earbud and hold it switches to unlock mode for two seconds.

I can tell you that A and C are impressive. I don’t necessarily want to say this at the Sony level, but it is pretty close and given the fact that the price difference is 230 as opposed to these being a hundred dollars.

Battery life and ANC

I want to say about ANC mode compared to ambient mode because that’s the only two modes that are on here. These affect battery life.

If you are going to use these full times with the ANC on, you will get 3.5 hours of battery life on the earbuds with three additional charges out of the case. So that would give you around 14 hours total if you are going to use them with A on where you use them in ambient mode.

You have going to get five hours on the earbud with around 20 hours total using the case. There is no point in using these in ambient mode unless you want to hear your outside surroundings with your music.

The ANC mode is so good that I pretty much just wanted to leave it in that mode all the time. As far as the IP rating on these, they do come in rated at ipx4, which is pretty much standard.

When it comes to noise-cancelling earbuds, you usually don’t get noise-cancelling mixed with like an ipx7 waterproof rating.

So this is a pair that you can quickly use if you are going to work out or sweat, you are going to be okay, but this is not a pair that you could submerge into the water.

What is the Box?

What are you getting inside the box? The PaMu Quiet Free Pocket Watch case comes with a small pouch to protect the case buds, a USB-Type C charging cable, and a jacket that provides four extra silicone tips for a more comfortable fit. And of course, there are keychains or necklaces that you can draw in the case of earrings.

The case is slightly larger than Apple AirPods, but the leather feel is unique, and it provides a greater sense of protection for the earbuds inside.

Next to the case is a Type-C charging port and dial-like buttons that can be clicked to open the case. And what’s cool is that the patient has a dimmer light to indicate the battery’s charging status when turned off.

The buds are also rated as IP4X waterproof, which means you don’t have to specify the direction. You can use them when you go to the gym, but please don’t jump into the pool.


The case itself reminds me of one of those old pocket watches because you clip the lanyard at the top. It has a push-button that you push to have the case kind of pop open. There is no other way to open it than to press that button.

One massive plus about the case is the Qi wireless charging case. So this is one of those that you can come in and drop on any wireless charger. It will start charging and then also on the case. It has an led light ring around it.

Let’s you know that there is battery life left in the case, and then on the side, you can see your USB-c input for charging.

The first thing I noticed about the earbuds is when opened up the case, the size, and its design. They reminded me of a lot of the AirPods Pro. They have shorter stems on them.

Music Control

They do use touch controls, and they allow you to control everything. Your play pause was skipping your tracks forward and going backwards, and as I said earlier, you can switch between ambient mode and noise cancelling.

But for some reason, there is no volume control. I cannot figure out why companies leave this off because that’s essential to listening to earbuds.

Now, as far as using them individually, you can use either the left or the right, and a huge plus here is it allows you to use them in mono mode.

If you use one earbud, all of your audio will be coming out of that single earbud and then the microphones.

  • Pause and Play: tap on the right or left earbud.
  • Receive Calls: a tap on the right or left earbud.
  • Reject a call: Double-tap on the right or left earphones.
  • Previous track: Double-tap on the left earphone.
  • Next track: Double-tap on the right earphone.
  • Voice Assistant: Hold to the left.
  • Active / Inactive ANC: Hold on the right.

Call Quality

Pamu Quiet has Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm QCC5124 chip and AMS 3460 support TopTax, AAC Ed SBC. It makes double-chip early headphones cancel out their dynamic sound, but we’ll talk about that later.

It will be effortless to perform the first connection with the smartphone like it will be enough to open the case, and the earbuds will enter the pairing mode. Just pull the earbuds out of the case the next few times.

All of this happens in a reasonably short time, but I’ve noticed that sometimes the audio from the smartphone’s speakers comes first and then reaches the earbuds even when they’re connected. Also, as there is a master headset, the phone will try it first, but sometimes it fails.

Going back to the delays, I must say that they behave very well in terms of film and video, and there are no delays between words and images. Still, in gaming, we find the usual gaps available with almost all headphones below 120 euros.

We have three microphone boards switched to calls, capable of guaranteeing good results in the absence of sound, although the sound is not entirely clear but has been somewhat muffled.

Quality decreases there through the metro or loudly, and in this situation, we arrange to entertain the calls but with some more difficulties, although there is no problem with less hassle.

Audio Quality

Pamu Quiet has the CVC 8.0 technology, which focuses on my voice and tries to block out my surroundings. This is a very dynamic-sounding earbud.

It has bass that has a lot of punch. It was a lot of presence, but one thing that impressed me about these was the clean and bright treble. It just felt like it was very tuned up to get you the most out of each frequency.

You cannot feel like anything was left behind, and you picked up details very well. You will still be able to handle the impact of bass in a rugged, punchy way. So this is a sound signature that I like because of listening to music.

I want to get the most out of feeling drums and hear the clarity of guitars and vocals. This pair just kind of handled all genres very well. You won’t feel like it suffered when you will listen to anything chaotic.


Pamu Quiet Wireless Headphones Great Offers They are very well designed, relatively comfortable, and look quite right – and as such, if you are looking for a pair of truly wireless headphones at around $120, these headphones are the perfect way to go.

But are these the best options? Okay, it depends. If you are looking to cancel the term, although the technology is not impressive, Pamu’s lonely buds are still the way to go.

Nevertheless, if you can cancel the word, it is worth 80 worth checking out the OnePlus buds instead, it is more widely available.

Nonetheless, considering their excellent quality, we offer Pamu Quiet True Wireless earbud Review, Bronze Medal.

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