The Apple Beats Flex Review

During their October 2019 keynote, Apple announced its new iPhone 12 along with its new HomePod mini. But they also quietly released their new Beats Flex by just throwing them up on their website.

Overall, the beats flex is a more budget-friendly version of the Beats X with some minor cosmetic and tech spec changes. Let’s start with The Latest Apple Beats Flex Review.

Apple Beats Flex Review


When it comes to pricing, the beats flex retail for $50, whereas for comparison sake, the Beats X used to retail for $100 when they first came out.

Overall, I feel that if you are looking for a pair of budget earbuds, I think you’re better off just going with the OnePlus Buds, which can be found on sale for $60 over the Beats Flex.

Because they are way more convenient, whether you’re an iPhone user or an Android user. The only thing the Beats Flex has going for is the Apple W1 chip, which will only come in handy if you already have multiple apple products.

The biggest drawback of the beats flex is that they are a pair of neckband earbuds. This quite frankly is a style that came and went very fast mainly because there are many fantastic cheap, truly wireless earbuds like the OnePlus Buds.

And you know, for someone who’s gotten used to the convenience of truly wireless earbuds, it’s tough for me to go back or recommend a pair of neckband earbuds.


When it comes to fit, yeah, these earbuds are in-ear earbuds, and they work well, but since they rest on your neck, they can feel rather cumbersome and keep in mind that doesn’t come included with Ear fins like the Beats X did.

Apple Beats Flex Review

Tech Specs

When it comes to tech specs, the strangest thing for me is that the Beats Flex charges via a USB C port. Whereas the Beats X, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Solo Pro all charge via a lightning port.

Apple Beats Flex Review

Which makes charging your iPhone and headphones convenient cause you can use the same cable. But since the Beats Flex charges via a USB C port, it doesn’t feel like apple is targeting iPhone users for these earbuds.

Not even iPhone users that are using cheaper iPhones like let’s say, the iPhone SE.

Battery Life

However, when it comes to battery life, the Beats Flex has an advertised battery life of 12 hours, whereas the Beats X had an advertised battery life of 8 hours.

But again, bringing it back to the OnePlus buds, they have a combined battery life of 30 hours. And the earbuds themselves can go for 7 hours straight.

Bluetooth Connection

In Bluetooth connectivity, the Beats Flex is using the Apple W1 chip, which debuted with the original AirPods.

The Apple Beats Flex Review

Which makes pairing with your iPhone super easy when you first get them, and you can also easily switch between any of your Apple devices associated with your iCloud account. But the Beats Flex will still work with any android device just fine.

However, please keep in mind apple’s newer AirPods are now using their more modern H1 chip, which besides faster connection speeds, also supports always listening to Siri.

So with earbuds and headphones using the H1 chip, you can be like, Hey Siri, call. So keep in mind even though the Beats Flex is using the W1 chip, which is nice, they don’t have always to listen to Siri like apple other newer earbuds or headphones.

Audio Quality

Now let’s talk about listening to music with these earbuds. These earbuds sound good enough for a pair of $50 earbuds.

Apple Beats Flex Review

And since they are in earbuds, their sound quality does benefit from this. However, these earbuds are all vocals and bass.

Everything else is just tough to hear because they don’t have the best interment separation, and sometimes the highs do like to get a little tinny. But these earbuds do have a bass for days.


So overall, for me, it’s tough to recommend the Beats Flex when there are a lot of great cheap, truly wireless earbuds out there.

Since these are a pair of neckband-style earbuds, they feel super cumbersome, and they can be rather hard to put away in your pocket. Even though I think it’s fantastic, the Beats Flex has an Apple W1 chip, which makes switching between your apple devices super easy.

Since these earbuds charge via a USB C port, it feels like Apple isn’t targeting iPhone users with these earbuds.

So whether you are an iPhone or an Android user on a budget, I highly recommend you spend the extra $10 bucks and get yourself a pair of Oneplus buds. In the long run, they are going to be way more convenient.

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