Bose SoundSport Free VS Bose SoundSport Wireless

The Bose SoundSport Free is a sports device launched on September 22, 2017. The buds make for a sporty mind. Bose gives importance to sports and working out.

The Bose SoundSport Wireless is also a sports earbud that lunch on May 6, 2016. Both earbuds come from the same company. 

The Bose SoundSport Free and Bose SoundSport Wireless have the same performance in different formats. With the same performance in both earbuds, the user is confused. Bose SoundSport Free vs. Bose SoundSport Wireless: Which One I Get?

We will detail the comparison of both earbuds side by side. You will know what wast similarities and differences between them.

Why is Bose SoundSport Free better than Bose SoundSport Wireless?

  • 1 more microphone(s)
  • Wingtips included?
  • Control panel placed on a device
  • It has a mute function
  • 0.1m greater wireless connectivity range
  • 4.56g lighter
  • Has no wires or cables

Why is Bose SoundSport Wireless better than Bose SoundSport Free?

  • 1h longer battery life
  • Has passive noise reduction
  • Has voice commands
  • 0.1 newer Bluetooth version
  • Supports Bluetooth pairing using NFC
  • It has an in-line control panel.

Bose SoundSport Free vs. Bose SoundSport Wireless

Now let’s get to the central portion of the article, the difference between the two. Below, we have explained in detail the contrast in features between these.


Bose Soundsport wireless has a voice commands feature that lets you control your device with a touch. Bose Soundsport Free does not have such features. 

The body of the Bose soundsport free has a control panel. You can easily access the volume control or remote without an interface without simply connecting to it or any other device. The Bose Soundsport wins because Bose Soundsport wireless does not have these features.

Here is a similarity between both earbuds; with voice prompts, you can receive voice notification when your battery life is low, and this is the time to recharge your battery. 

The bose soundsport free can mute and unmute a conversion directly from the device. Bose soundsport wireless does not have such features.

Both earbuds come with their special case, giving you a better travel experience.


Resistance is the feature that is ideal to use for your sports. So this feature comes with the design of both earbuds. Also, both earbuds have weather sealed which protects your earbuds from waterdrops, dust, and water splash. 

Both devices have stereo speakers to deliver sound independently on both the left and right sides, giving a high-quality rich sound and a better experience.

Both devices are ultra-compact and lightweight, with no interference with earrings, hats, or hairstyles. Its blocks out environmental noise and sets your ear canal itself. 

Bose considers lower-weight earbuds because lightweight earbuds are comfortable for caring. Both earbuds are lightweight, but bose soundsport free wins because bose soundsport free has 18.14g weight, and bose soundsport wireless has 22.7g weight.

IPX rating is an important feature for any earbuds, but both earbuds do not have this feature. 

Audio Quality

Bose SoundSport Wireless has a very well-balanced and neutral sound profile. They have a bit of extra bass, but it shouldn’t be too strong or severe. 

Overall, they are suitable for a wide variety of genres and materials.

The Bose SoundSport Free Sound profile is surprisingly well-balanced, making it suitable for various genres. However, buds fans will see that Rumble lacks frustration.

Bose SoundSport Wireless has created a sound signature without apparent flaws: no difficulty, good detail, and no clear focus on any part of the frequency spectrum that could turn something off you.

Bose SoundSport Free earphones provide a solid, steady presentation that works well across various music genres. The heights are not wrapped in cotton wool, or they do not look exciting or bright.

The Bose SoundSport Free and Bose SoundSport Wireless frequency response is excellent and delivers good bass. 

We can say both Bose earbuds sound almost the same and best-sounding earbuds. You can enjoy your music with the natural tone of the artist when you play any game or workout.


Bose SoundSport Free and Bose SoundSport Wireless build with a sporty type mind. Bose SoundSport Wireless is a traditional in-ear headphone with a neckband cable.

On the other hand, Bose SoundSport Free is an in-ear wireless earbud. You can feel the freedom when you play or work out.

The Bose SoundSport Wireless has comfortable ear tips. They are not entirely inter your ear, and removing them is not painful. 

On the opposite side, The Bose SoundSport Free has the same fits as Bose Sport Earbuds Wireless and 1MORE Triple Driver. They are pretty comfortable.


The Bose SoundSport Free uses a disappointing control schema. Bose provides a physical button to control everything. You can call, control your music, volume, and Bluetooth controller.

On the other hand, Bose SoundSport Wireless has a mediocre control schema. They provide call/music, track skipping, and volume control but do not have a good touch response.

Noise Cancellation 

Both Bose earbuds’ noise cancellation is very bad because of their semi-open earbuds design and lack of active sound cancellation. 

If you want to hear more ambient noise surroundings around you, try the Bose Sports Open Earbuds True Wireless, which has an open-ear design. 

For headphones with the Best noise cancellation feature, check out the Bose QuickControl 30, or see our tips for the Best Noise Canceling Headphones to Block Out Voices.


The Bose SoundSport Free recording quality of the microphone is not good. Your voice is noticeably thin, significantly spread out, and you will miss the details. You don’t even feel very understood by the other person on the line.

On the other hand, The recording quality of SoundSport’s integrated mic is sub-par. This means your voice will be thinner, like Bose SoundSport Free. 

At the same time, low HFE speech will muffle and airless the sound. This is the subtle but negative effect on the comprehension of sound recorded on the microphone.

Bose SoundSport Free and Bose SoundSport Wireless noise handling capability mic are good.

Battery Life

Bose SoundSport Free has mediocre battery performance. Their battery life lasts up to 5 hours and does not last for the whole day. They have two additional cases. When you don’t use earbuds and are not in the case, you will go into sleep mode in 20 minutes. 

Bose SoundSport Free doesn’t have a quick charging mood. If you want to use earbuds with fast charging mode, you can use the Jaybird Run, the Powerbeats Pro, and Powerbeats High-Performance for better battery life.

Bose SoundSport Wireless, on the other hand, also has mediocre battery performance. Their battery life lasts 6 hours and takes 1.5 hours to charge, which is not considered for short battery life. It is not very good if you do non-stop gaming, but you can expect to use it for a week without gaming.

You can use JBL Everest 110, the Anker SoundCore Spirit Pro, or the Jaybird Vista True Wireless for wireless in-ear earbuds with more battery life.


Both Bose earbuds connect with Bluetooth. The most interesting thing is Bose SoundSport Free does not support NFC or multi-device, but Bose SoundSport Wireless supports NFC or multi-device pairs.

The SoundSport Free PC latency is relatively high for wireless earbuds, making them less than ideal for playing games or watching videos. Their latency isn’t too bad with Android or IOS devices. 

On the other hand, the SoundSport Wireless has high latency with Android and PC, but IOS latency is low. 

The Bose SoundSport Free and Bose SoundSport Wireless don’t have a wire option. If you want a similar design with a wire option, you can check 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear or the wired Bose Sport Earbuds In-Ear.

The Bose SoundSport Free has a charging case that provides up to 10 hours of extra battery life. It charges using a USB connection. However, in this case, no input is provided.

The Bose SoundSport Wireless has no dock. If you want versatile and docked headphones, try the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. However, these are over-the-year gaming headphones that are not easy to bring with you.


Now you know all the differences and similarities fact both Bose earbuds. You can choose when it comes to Bose SoundSport Free vs. Bose SoundSport Wireless. 

Both earbuds are good, but I will give a winning crowd of Bose SoundSport Free.

If you have any confusion about both earbuds, you should read the full article carefully.

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