Can Apple Watch Play Music Without Headphones?

The Apple Watch can’t play music without headphones? That may be true for the first version of the smartwatch, but that doesn’t mean it can never happen.

The Apple Watch can play music without headphones, but only when the watch is connected to a Bluetooth device like an iPhone or iPad. So if you’re out and about and need to listen to something on your watch, then you can’t do that. However, there are some great new features in iOS for the Apple Watch.

There are a few ways to get your tunes on your wrist without any wires at all. So if you’re an avid runner and want to listen to Spotify while you work out in peace, keep reading!

Can Apple Watch Play Music Without Headphones?

Can Apple Watch Play Music Without Headphones

The short answer is yes. The Apple Watch has a speaker that allows you to listen to music, audiobooks, and more without headphones or a Bluetooth connection. However, the sound quality isn’t that great compared with other portable wireless speakers on the market today.

You can adjust the volume using Digital Crown or directly from your iPhone/watch app in Settings > Music & Turn off “Now Playing” by pressing firmly on the watch face screen while looking at it > tap Sounds & Haptics turn off Button Taps > press crown one time.

How Do I Listen to Music on my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch has a built-in speaker, but it’s not very loud and is prone to distortion. If you want better sound quality (especially bass), use your Apple Watch with wireless headphones or an external Bluetooth speaker.

You can also connect through AirPods via the charging disc on the back of your watch for a natural pairing that doesn’t require any switch presses at all.

You can use the following method:

Using Wired Headphones

Wired headphones work with your Apple Watch as long as they have a Lightning connector, but the sound quality isn’t great since there’s almost always some compression going on to make sure it can play through that tiny speaker in the watch.

Using Bluetooth Headphones

To pair Bluetooth headphones, head to Settings on your Apple Watch and go into the Bluetooth menu. There you’ll see a list of any devices already paired or available for pairing with your watch. You can also choose “Add New Device” to track down another device if it’s not showing up in this list.

Connecting AirPods via Charging Disc

The most important thing about listening to music on your Apple Watch is whether workouts are included in your iTunes Match library allowance: was it purchased before or after turning the iCloud Music Library on? And remember, anything streamed over LTE will count toward data charges unless cellular access gets turned off during workouts, yet another why we recommend using Wi-Fi.

Using Wireless Speakers

You can also connect through AirPods via the charging disc on the back of your watch for a natural pairing that doesn’t require any switch presses at all. In this case, you’ll be able to see which one is connected and disconnect from there just by tapping on them in Control Center.

It’s really easy without having to go into an app or anything else! The only thing worth noting here is the sound coming out of both devices while trying to use Siri with your watch.

It will automatically route things over to the AirPods instead, so make sure they’re selected as your output device when doing something like asking about directions or making phone calls, etc.

You cannot stream Apple Music directly from the watch itself without connecting to an iPhone or Wi-Fi.

Using Bluetooth Speakers

Go into the Settings app on your watch, and then tap General > About > Wi-Fi Assist toggle it off if you don’t want Apple Watch using cellular data when there’s a poor connection.

This will ensure all music streaming is done over a stable internet connection instead of playing through LTE first and falling back as needed. You can also choose to turn off Cellular Data entirely via Control Center if you’re not going to be out for long periods at a time.

This means that everything from Siri responses (including those pesky “I’m sorry I can’t take any requests right now”) to apps like Messages won’t work unless you have access to a wireless network.

Using External Speaker/Headphone Amplifier

Since the only port on Apple Watch is a Lightning connector, the sound quality isn’t great since there’s almost always some compression going on to make sure it can play through that tiny speaker in the watch.

You can plug into wired headphones or speakers for better audio if you’d like. You’ll need either an adaptor or something with wireless Bluetooth capabilities (like AirPods) unless your device has its headphone jack built-in.

Using Apple Watch App on iPhone

Other options for listening to music on Apple Watch don’t require any headphones or even Bluetooth pairing. Instead, use the companion app on your phone and then stream directly instead of having it work over a paired connection with another device.

It’s easy enough, but this means you’ll need both devices nearby at all times unless you download some songs to your watch.

Using Wireless Speakers/Headphones via Charging Dock

With the new charging dock replacing MagSafe, this means you won’t be able to listen through any headphones while using it without having to use another product for music playback. This is because Apple hasn’t included any audio output on it.

Using Music App on Apple Watch

You can also play any music with your watch as long as you have some songs downloaded to it. This is just like using the Music app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch where there’s no Wi-Fi involved and everything runs off of a local connection instead.

This works without issue since the playlist options will be the same whether you’re using LTE or something like Bluetooth headphones, but it does mean that there’s no streaming option.

However, this is a great workaround for not using cellular data to listen to music while running errands without your phone nearby.

Can the Apple Watch play music out loud?

The short answer is no. However, there are a few ways to listen without headphones or Bluetooth wireless earbuds. You can use your watch as an external speaker for another device that plays audio.

This option won’t be ideal if you want to keep listening after disconnecting from the other device because it uses up battery life on your phone and is wearable. But, more importantly, it drains both devices’ batteries.

Another way is with some Bluetooth speakers like those made by JBL or Beats; connect them via Bluetooth, and they should work fine with your Apple Watch Series. If you’re not sure what model of Apple Watch you have, check this site: “What model is my Apple Watch?

Can you play Spotify on Apple watch without a phone?

Yes, you can play music on an apple watch without the phone. You need to download your playlist or album in the Music app. There is no headphone jack for Apple Watch, so it should work with Bluetooth headphones as well.

The speaker might not be super loud but will do the trick if you are alone at home or maybe waiting somewhere else where there isn’t loud noise around you.

Otherwise, it does have a microphone which means that Siri works too! Enjoy all these features of Spotify on Apple Watch now! Don’t forget to update your iPhone and then go into settings -> general -> about activating Bluetooth too because otherwise, it won’t work either way!!

Can I connect a smartwatch and a Bluetooth headset simultaneously?

Yes, you can connect both a Bluetooth headset and smartwatch simultaneously. As a result, you will be able to enjoy music from your watch without any problems.

Apple Watch looks like a perfect companion if you want peace of mind but don’t want your phone right next to yourself when listening to music.
It has been designed so that all buttons are easily touchable so that they respond well even if wearing gloves during winter.

If you want to learn more about the design of this smartwatch, then keep reading our article, and we will explain everything in detail!

Can I adjust the volume on Apple Watch?

Yes. You can easily control music by using the Digital Crown attached to it. This way is very simple; otherwise, some other options work well too.

However, if you are looking for a quick solution without any complications or struggles, adjusting sound via Digital Crown should be good enough for you!

It has been designed in such a way so that buttons respond immediately even when wearing gloves during cold weather conditions, while its display looks amazing no matter what angle your watch lays at.

The whole device is made out of stainless steel, making it look premium plus comfortable to wear every day.

How do I play music through my Apple Watch speaker?

You can play music through the speaker of your Apple Watch by opening up the Music app on your watch. Your playlist will appear, and you can select a song to start listening to it right away!

If you have Bluetooth headphones connected already, they will connect automatically and take over playing any selected songs while in this mode.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen when within an app or swipe the left if at the home screen to use this feature. You will see different options such as “Now Playing,” which we want, so tap on that one instead.

When “Now Playing” appears, scroll down until you find music controls (they look like two speakers), then press them to turn on music.


Can Apple Watch Play Music Without Headphones? I hope you have already gotten the answer. If not you should read the whole article and also get many answers about the apple watch and headphones.

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