Can You Wear Earbuds in a Tanning Bed: The Ultimate Guide

We all know that listening to music is a great way to relax and pass the time, but can you wear earbuds on a tanning bed?

Some people believe using earbuds in a tanning bed is unsafe, while others think it would be fine. But the clear answer is yes, it is safe; however, there are some things you need to know before hitting the sunshine.

This article will discuss whether or not it’s safe to wear headphones in a tanning bed. We’ll also give you tips on enjoying your music with earbuds and passing the time without posing a risk to your health.

Can You Wear Earbuds in a Tanning Bed

Can You Wear Earbuds in a Tanning Bed?

In a nutshell, wearing earbuds in a tanning bed is perfectly safe. You’ll be able to get the most out of your session if you listen to music or books on tape while lying under those UV rays. 

Let’s talk about why some people think it’s unsafe and what could happen if you wear earbuds in a tanning bed.

To begin with, wearing headphones or earbuds in a tanning bed will not stop you from tan, so there’s no need to be worried about your skin color when it comes to this issue. 

Some people think wearing headphones could be dangerous because the earbuds could act as a barrier between the tanning bed and your skin, preventing the rays from reaching your skin and allowing you to get an even tan.

This is not true; however, we will discuss what could happen if you wear headphones on a tanning bed.

Reasons to Wear Earbuds in a Tanning Bed

If you wear earbuds that create a seal around your ear canals while tanning, the volume in your ear canal will increase. This could damage your eardrums similarly to if you were standing next to a speaker at a concert.

Research has shown that one minute of exposure to 120 decibels of sound can cause immediate and permanent hearing loss.

In short, wearing earbuds on a tanning bed is perfectly safe. However, you should be aware of any damage to your hearing and turn the volume down on your devices if necessary.

An additional reason for wearing earbuds in a tanning bed:

1. Can feel less lonely 

Some people enjoy tanning because it is a solitary activity, so wearing earbuds can help to make them feel less alone.

However, in actuality, this is just an illusion: the reality is that you are often surrounded by other people who also happen to be listening to music through their earbuds, but it is possible that they may not notice you.

2. Can help to pass the time 

Wearing earbuds is probably unnecessary if you enjoy tanning and don’t mind spending your sessions in quiet isolation.

However, some people find this small activity helpful in passing the time. On average, a tan session will last around 10-20 minutes.

If you wear earbuds in a tanning bed for several of these sessions within a row, you may find that this behavior helps make the time pass by more quickly.

3. It can help you relax 

Some people find listening to music with earbuds to be a relaxing experience, especially since the volume is not very loud.

This may help them stay calm in a high-pressure situation where they need time to think or feel overwhelmed.

If you can do this in a tanning bed without interfering with your overall experience, it could help make the time pass quicker.

4. It can be used as a motivational tool 

For some people, music is a great way to motivate them to engage in certain activities that they would not normally consider doing.

This could include walking, working out at the gym, or even tanning. If you like to play certain types of music to get yourself into a specific mindset, then earbuds may be helpful.

5. It Can help you stick with your schedule

Since making small talk with people while in a tanning bed can feel awkward, many people enjoy wearing earbuds to help them feel less uncomfortable. 

If you want to tan on a regular schedule but don’t like to talk with business employees, this is often an effective way to stick with your plan.

6. Can help block out disturbing noises

While it is not common for problematic noises in a tanning bed, they can sometimes occur. For example, if people are talking about something you don’t want to hear or if the TV happens to be set too loudly, wearing earbuds can help you block out these sounds.

7. Can provide privacy 

While you will not have much privacy regarding tanning, wearing earbuds can help you feel like this is the case.

By putting on your headphones, you can enjoy your personal space without concern that others will bother you or try to make conversation.

8. Can help prevent hearing loss 

Since tanning lamps can get quite loud, some people wear earplugs inside their headphones to benefit from both.

If you want to keep your ears safe while getting an even tan at the same time, wearing earbuds is one way of doing this.

Reasons Not to Wear Earbuds in a Tanning Bed

We should know all possible risks that we can take when we tan.

1. Can cause damage to your ears 

Earbuds are usually small and portable, but they can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. According to the National Institutes of Health, using earbuds with more than 60 percent volume can damage your hearing.

So if you wear earbuds in a tanning bed, consider this popular activity to be on the same level as using power tools or leaf blowers.

2. The noise can interfere with the tanning

Some people argue that wearing earbuds in a tanning bed is not so different from listening to music from a device held outside the ear, such as a smartphone.

However, while this may be true for some forms of music, it does not apply to all genres. For example, many popular songs contain high volumes and sound frequencies that interfere with the tan process.

3. You could miss an emergency

When you are inside a tanning bed, your ears are essentially sealed off from the outside world.

This can be dangerous if you hear an emergency siren or another type of warning that could save your life.

Without hearing what is happening around you, reacting quickly enough to avoid injury can be difficult.

4. Earbuds can get too hot in tanning beds

The plastic or silicone material that makes up the earpieces of your headphones may heat up while you are using them. If they brush against your ears, this could also pose a risk to their sensitive skin.

Does UV Radiation Damage Earbuds?

The short answer is yes. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, “It [UV radiation] can damage [plastic] and create a potential health hazard.” If you are wearing earbuds in a tanning bed and they become damaged by UV rays, it can lead to:

1. A loss of sound quality

The plastic that makes up the speakers of your headphones could become cloudy or otherwise change shape. This can cause sound quality to be reduced. If this happens, you may not be able to listen to music as intended.

2. A loss of structural integrity

Since it comprises different components (plastic, wire, etc.), your earbuds can break down over time due to overexposure to UV radiation.

In addition, since each of these parts plays an important role in making sound, you could lose access to your music altogether.

3. A loss of headphones

If the sun’s UV rays have damaged your headband, it can become weak and fall apart altogether. In the worst cases, it could get tangled in other pieces of equipment or get caught on tanning bed surfaces.

Therefore, wearing headphones in a tanning bed should be avoided unless you want to risk losing them forever.

4. A loss of warranty

According to Underwriter Laboratories, a product’s warranty should not be used as a way to tell if it has been damaged by UV radiation.

This is because the conditions in which the product is exposed to the sun can greatly affect its performance and lifespan.

So, while a warranty may not cover damage resulting from exposure to the sun, it does not mean that your headphones are safe to use in a tanning bed.

Tips for Enjoying Music and Tanning Safely with Earbuds

To use earbuds while tan, keep the following things in mind:

1. Do not listen to music too loudly  

One of the biggest mistakes people make is listening to their audio at very high volumes. While this may seem like a good idea when starting, doing so can cause serious damage to your ears.

For this reason, it is essential to always use your volume controls to limit the noise.

2. Only tan for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time    

It might be tempting to wear earbuds while lying in the tanning bed for much longer than 15 minutes, but doing this could damage your hearing. If you want to tan for more than 15 minutes, it is best to take a break between sessions.

3. Remove your earbuds while washing or applying lotion

While there isn’t any reason you need to wear headphones when bathing or applying lotion, doing so can still be beneficial. However, if you do this, you should remove your earbuds to pay attention to what is happening around you.

4. Keep volume controls within reach    

It is important to keep the volume controls on your earbuds close to your ears at all times to hear any sounds that may require an emergency response.

If you cannot hear well enough to respond to the situation, other people may also put themselves in danger.

5. Take off your earbuds between tanning sessions   

It can be tempting to leave your earbuds in when you walk out of the tanning bed, but this is not a good idea.

First of all, doing so can cause discomfort.

Secondly, it may also prevent you from paying attention to any noises that are going on around you.

6. Test for comfort and function before wearing them in the salon    

To ensure that your earbuds aren’t too tight or falling out of your ears, you should test them beforehand.

You may also want to check the volume levels on your audio player, if it has one so that you know what decibel range is safe to listen to while tanning.

7. Do not wear earbuds if it is against salon policy    

While there may be times when earbuds can make your tanning experience more enjoyable, some salons place an outright ban on them for safety reasons. To ensure that you don’t violate any rules, it is best to check with the salon before using your earbuds.


Can you wear earbuds in a tanning bed?

Yes, but there are times when it is not advisable. For example, if you do not use your volume controls properly, if the sun’s UV rays have damaged the headphones or if you will be lying in your tanning bed for more than 15 minutes at a time.

What happens if you wear earbuds in a tanning bed?

If you wear headphones while tan, there is a chance that they could get damaged. This is something that most people want to avoid because it can cause them to lose their warranty or reimbursement.
Plus, continuing to listen to unsafe volume levels could cause damage to your hearing or cause you to lose your hearing altogether.

Is it safe to wear earbuds in a tanning bed, and is there evidence?

There is no real evidence that wearing headphones or earbuds in a tanning bed is unsafe, but many believe it can be dangerous.
Some speculation is that the noise from the machines could damage the headphones or prevent you from hearing any noises that aren’t coming through your earbuds.

How does wearing earbuds in a tanning bed differ from listening to music?

There are two main differences between wearing earbuds while lying in the tanning bed and listening to music.
First, it can be harder to hear what is happening around you while wearing headphones.
The second is that you won’t enjoy the tanning bed to its fullest extent if you wear earbuds because the volume controls will be out of your reach.

How do I protect my ears when I wear earbuds on a tanning bed?

Protecting your ears and hearing while using earbuds is relatively simple.
Make sure to keep the volume controls within reach, take off your earbuds between tanning sessions, and test them out before using them in a salon.
If you are not allowed to wear headphones while lying in bed, use some other form of entertainment to still enjoy yourself without putting yourself at risk.

Do earbuds get hotter when you are tan?

There is a possibility that your earbuds may get a little bit warmer while lying in bed, but this shouldn’t be anything to worry about.
The only real concern would be if you exposed your headphones to higher temperatures than they could withstand.

What can I do if I get hot when wearing earbuds on a tanning bed?

If you get too hot while using your earbuds, you can take them off or adjust them to let some air circulate into your ears. This should help keep everything cool while you are tanning.

Conclusion: Earbuds in a Tanning Bed

This is everything you need to know about using earbuds on a tanning bed. You now know how to take care of your health with earbuds. 

Perhaps your mind asks a question about the best earbuds for tanning beds. Discover which earbuds are the best for you by reading below.

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