Can You Wear Earbuds with a Rook Piercing: Top 10 Tips

If you’re a music lover and love to listen to your favorite song with earbuds or headphones. But what if you have a rook piercing? You may be wondering if it’s possible to wear earbuds or headphones with your piercing.

It is generally believed that people with rook piercings can’t wear earbuds. However, that isn’t true. All you need to do is choose the right type of earbuds. In the case of rook piercing, don’t think about wearing headphones.

Because the headphones are attached to the head using a band that can tighten, they pressure the rook piercing. This may cause serious irritation problems.

Earbuds are smaller, lighter, and softer than headphones, so they’re better for piercings on the top of your ear.

This blog post will discuss the best earbuds for people with rook piercings. We’ll also give you some tips on how to wear them safely and comfortably.

So if you’re curious about wearing earbuds with your Tragus Piercing, Conch Piercing, and Daith Piercing, keep reading!

Can You Wear Earbuds with a Rook Piercing

What Is Rook Piercing?

A rook piercing is a type of ear piercing. It is usually placed on the upper portion of your ear, where it meets the scalp.

People who get this type of piercing are often interested in body modifications, or they belong to one of several subcultures that use unique piercings to express themselves.

The term ‘rook piercing’ comes from the chess piece known as a rook. A rook is a castle tower on each side of the king and queen, and it protects their central diamond-shaped fortress called ‘the home base.’

The earring for this piercing goes behind your earlobe.

How Long Does a Rook Piercing Take to the Healing Process?

A rook piercing typically heals after several months. However, this type of piercing is more difficult to heal than other types of ear piercings, particularly because you can’t wear earrings in it while it’s healing time.

Experienced body piercers suggest waiting about 8 weeks before changing the jewelry in your rook piercing.

The best way to keep this and other types of piercings healthy is to avoid changing your earrings more than once every eight weeks.

It’s also important not to touch the area around your piercing with unwashed hands, which can transfer dirt and germs.

Can You Wear Earbuds with a Rook Piercing?

Yes, you can wear earbuds with your rook piercing.

However, it’s important to be careful about which earbuds you choose and how you use them.

Regular earbuds that go into the opening of your ear may not be safe for your piercing. Also, since you can’t sleep on that side of your head while it heals, wearing regular earbuds could cause serious pain and infections.

This is because most styles have flexible plastic or metal that puts pressure against your rook or helix piercing.

What Types of Earbuds Are Safe for People with Rook Piercings?

The best type of earbuds for you during the healing process is flat, closely-fitting styles that don’t touch your piercing at all. These earbuds include in-ear earbuds and canal buds.

In-ear earbuds have a speaker inside a stiff plastic tube. The tube fits inside your ear, but it maintains enough distance from your piercing to help keep the jewelry safe and comfortable.

Canal buds stick directly into your ear canal, so you don’t feel them at all. In addition, they’re lightweight and flexible, making them an ideal choice for people with rook piercings.

How Can You Wear Earbuds with Your Rook Piercing?

Here are some tips for safe and comfortable ways to wear earbuds with a rook piercing:

1. Choose the right type of earbuds:

When shopping for earbuds, look for in-ear headphones or canal buds.

These styles are low profile and won’t rest on your piercing.

2. Consider adjustable earbuds:

If you choose in-ear earbuds, you can also consider adjustable ear clips attached to the speaker tubes. This will help you distribute the pressure from the earpieces more evenly over your piercings.

3. Wear earbuds for short periods:

Since rook piercings are harder to heal, you should only wear them for a few hours per day during the first month or two. After that point, you can gradually increase the length of time you wear earbuds each day.

4. Keep your hands clean:

The best way to avoid infection is to avoid touching your piercing directly with your fingers or dirty tools.

For example, if you’re using a cotton swab to apply to rub alcohol to your piercings, be sure to use one that’s freshly laundered.

You can also wear gloves or wash your hands before changing your earrings.

5. Use antibacterial ointment:

If you choose to sleep on the side with your rook piercing when it’s almost healed, it’s best if you cover it up at night with an antibacterial ointment like Bacitracin. This helps protect the piercing while you’re sleeping and reduces the risk of infection.

6. Be careful about your movements:

When you’re wearing earbuds, be careful with your movements. Although your piercing should have mostly healed by the time you change your jewelry to a post-style earring, you still need to protect it from pressure and irritation.

7. Apply a warm washcloth to soothe pain or swelling:

You should take a break from wearing earbuds if you have any break in the skin near the piercing or if new redness appears. If there is any pain, swelling, or bleeding around the piercing, you should see your piercer right away.

8. Use a saline solution to clean the piercing:

After removing your earbuds, the first thing you should do is thoroughly wash the area with a saline solution. This will help reduce any irritation that might have been caused by sweat and dirt in your ear canal.

9. Avoid sleeping on the side where you have a rook piercing:

You should not sleep on that side of your head for about the first six weeks after you get the piercing.

After that, you can gradually start sleeping on that side once it has healed, but you should still avoid putting any pressure against it until the site is completely healed.

10. Take care of your piercings:

If you want to wear earbuds with your rook piercing, you should be extra careful about keeping them clean and covered to avoid infection.

Can You Wear Headphones with a Rook Piercing?

No. It is possible to wear earbuds with a rook piercing, but not headphones. However, if you have a rook piercing and decide to wear headphones, they will most likely hurt your piercing.

If you have a rook piercing, you cannot wear headphones or this type of headwear because it can put pressure on the fresh piercing holes where the jewelry is being worn.

If you are trying to take care of your piercing, then headphones or other headwear will only irritate the area, leading to pain and infection.

The best alternative would be canal earbuds that are very comfortable for piercings because they are very slim-fitting.

Can you wear AirPods with a rook piercing?

Yes, you can wear AirPods with a rook piercing as long as it is following some basic rules:

Fitting: First of all, the AirPods must fit securely in your ears. If you wear plugs that don’t fit properly, it can lead to several piercing problems, including pain and infections.

Wearing: You need to make sure that your rook piercing heals before you try wearing earbuds with it. If the piercing is damp, it must dry out first to avoid the risk of infection.

Distance from Ear Piercing: The earbud needs to be at least a millimeter or two away from the piercing. It will irritate your healing piercing and potentially cause infection if it is too close.

It may take some trial and error before you find a pair of earbuds that fit securely with your earlobe piercing. Therefore, it’s important to remember to be patient and give yourself enough time before trying new earbuds.


People with pierced ears can wear earbuds when they find a securely fit pair and give enough space between the piercing and the earbud.

However, it is important to take it slow when finding a suitable pair to prevent irritation or infection. For more information, you can follow the Reddit thread.

If you found this article helpful, let me know in the comments below. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

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