Can You Wear Earbuds with a Tragus Piercing?

Many people love music and like to use earbuds to listen to their music. Earbuds are small and they allow you to use them hands-free.

On this day, I have seen some common questions from people who want to get a tragus piercing, and they are also worried about listening to music with earbuds.

That is why I will provide you with the most frequent question answers. Can you wear earbuds with a tragus piercing or not? Let us find out.

Can You Wear Earbuds with a Tragus Piercing

What is tragus piercing?

A tragus is a small piece of cartilage that sticks out in front of your ear canal. The word “tragus” comes from the Greek word meaning “a prick,” and it refers to a projection or prominence in medical terms.

The main purpose of your tragus is to protect your eardrum from getting damaged when something flies towards your ear.

Moreover, if you want to get a tragus ring, it will give you a better hearing ability, and having improved balance may also be achieved.

The most common type of tragus piercing is lobe piercing, in which this portion is pierced in both ears. This process generally takes less than 10 to 15 minutes and then you can wear earbuds with it.

Can You Wear Earbuds with a Tragus Piercing?

Many people ask this question as they want to use their earbuds as soon as possible. The answer to this question is yes.

However, some people find that wearing earbuds isn’t comfortable after their tragus piercing.

If you are planning to get your tragus pierced, but you don’t know how long you need to wait to wear them again, here is the answer; it takes around 4 weeks for your piercings to heal.

Therefore, waiting four weeks will be the best choice if you do not want any irritation or infection.

How to Wear Earbuds After a Tragus Piercing?

Already we know that you can wear earbuds after knowing how to wear earbuds. But you should know how to wear earbuds and avoid ear canal infection because it is sensitive matter.

Let’s see the process:

Ensure to clean them properly: The first thing to wear is earbuds; you should clean them properly. After cleaning, leave them for a while to dry, and then you may use them again.

Inspect your piercings: Another important thing is that you shouldn’t forget to inspect your piercings before using your earbuds each time. In this way, you will be able to prevent ear infections and inflammations.

Make sure they are tight: When you wear earbuds, make sure that the earbuds are tightly fastened. In this way, there won’t be a problem falling out or getting loose.

Don’t use them too much: Using your earbuds again after getting pierced is not a bad idea. However, you shouldn’t do it more than two hours per day because if you put on your earbuds for a longer time, your piercings may become red and swollen.

Don’t use large earrings: Using earbuds with large studs won’t be a good idea because the studs are very heavy. This will push your tragus piercing deeper into your cartilage which may cause pain and inflammation.

Don’t use loud music: If you listen to loud music by using earbuds, this may also cause problems because the pressure of the sound may cause swelling.

Don’t sleep on your earbuds: If you sleep with earbuds each night, this will result in ear infections and other problems. So go to bed with clean ears rather than wearing earbuds!

Be careful when washing them: It is not a bad idea to wear your earbuds while washing your face and hair, but make sure that the earbuds are not completely wet. In this way, you will be avoiding ear infections and inflammation.

Can You Wear Airpods Pro with a Tragus Piercing?

Airpods are a well-known pair of earbuds that many people own. However, there is debate whether they are suitable for tragus piercings.

Yes and no is my answer about wearing AirPods Pro with a tragus piercing. Wearing AirPods on tragus piercings depends on the type of tragus piercing you have.

For example, if you have an anti-helix or Daith piercing, your clumsiness will increase exponentially because of the increased surface area to exert pressure.

For this reason, I would advise not wearing AirPods Pro with tragus piercings if you are prone to being clumsy. Instead, it is better to err on the side of caution.

However, for other ear piercings that pierce the upper part of the ear canal, it should be fine to wear AirPods, as the surface area is significantly smaller.

You should be able to wear them without any problem if you have an anti-helix tragus piercing, but you shouldn’t use them if it’s a daith tragus piercing because of increased clumsiness.

However, it would be best if you didn’t worry about wearing AirPods on other types of piercings, but it is better to err on the side of caution.

How to Wear AirPods Pro with a Tragus Piercing

Already we know why you can wear AirPods. Now we talk about how you can wear AirPods Pro.

Here are the steps:

1. Clean your AirPods Pro and wire.

2. Make sure you clean the back of the earrings because there is a hole that makes it easier for bacteria to go through the earlobe.

3. Insert the earrings into the back of your tragus piercing.

4. Try not to touch it as much as possible.

5. Insert your AirPods Pro into the case and put it in a safe place until you take it off. Because, as we said before, there is a hole that makes it easier for bacteria to go through the earlobe.

6. Take care of both your tragus piercing and your earrings.


Is it possible to wear earbuds with a tragus ring?

The answer to this question is yes. Many people pierce their tragus to wear earbuds without any problem, but they eventually start using tragus rings because they like the style.

The most important thing you should be careful about is selecting the right size of your earbuds and tragus ring. If these two pieces do not match each other, it will look awkward and inappropriate.

Are tragus earrings safe when you use your earbuds?

Yes, it is completely safe to wear tragus rings when using your headphones or earbuds.

There is no difference in terms of safety because the only difference between a tragus ring and a standard one is that the former can be removed from time to time, and you can wear it as many times as you wish.

Is it possible to take your tragus ring out from time to time?

Some people used to say that there is no point wearing a tragus earring if you do not go for a permanent one, but now they know better. The tragus ring doesn’t have to be permanent.

It is more about finding the right style and size. You can either wear a bigger or smaller ring depending on your mood.

When using earbuds, it would be better to leave them in for some time because they will not fall ever again. If you ask yourself how to wear the tragus ring while using earbuds, you will have to pop it through your piercing hole. You can use a back-and-forth motion for this purpose.


As you can see, wearing earbuds is not a problem with the tragus ring. However, you should go for the right size and style of your tragus ring so that it would look great. 

Many people like to use tragus earrings of all kinds because of their style, design, and appearance. You can choose either a standard one or go with the tragus ring. 

If you are looking for the best earbuds for a tragus piercing, you should read our recommendations.

Best Earbuds for Tragus Piercing

If you’re interested in finding out which earbuds are ideal for your tragus piercing, then you’re in the right place! Here we will go over some of the best earbuds for tragus piercings and tell you why they’re a great choice or not.

1. SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 

[amazon box=”B085LVV8R7″ template=”vertical”]

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is the best wireless headphone with excellent sound quality.

It features Active Noise Cancellation technology, which allows you to switch off your surroundings and focus on the music.

You can use it to control (touchpad) and voice command (voice control). With its ergonomic and lightweight design, you can enjoy the unbeatable sound and excellent wear comfort when lounging in front of the TV or walking through the city.

With its 7-hour battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted playtime with a charging case extending up to 28-hour playback time.

2. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

[amazon box=”B08C4KWM9T” template=”vertical”]

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling is the most effective noise-canceling headphone. It can reduce surrounding noises by up to 75%.

Engineered with Bose controllable noise cancellation and full transparency mode, you can eliminate distractions or let your surroundings in.

These earbuds are perfect for any situation with high-fidelity audio, pure comfort, simple touch controls, and Bluetooth 5.1.

They create a comfortable listening experience with Bluetooth 5.1 technology and noise-rejecting microphones.

The Volume-optimized Active EQ is engineered to improve the sound quality of music, videos, and phone calls at any volume level.

With up to 6 hours of battery life per charge and an additional 12 hours with the charging case, your playlist can go anywhere.

The soft silicone build provides passive noise reduction and comfort whether running, biking, or working out.

3. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro

[amazon box=”B08MWZHHKP” template=”vertical”]

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro are true wireless earbuds that come with IPX7 water-resistant feature, making the earbuds waterproof, sweatproof, and splashproof.

In addition, they come with 4 ambient levels such as low (workouts), medium (commuting), high (daily life), and full (busy spaces).

The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is 12 hours of talking time, 10 hours of music playtime, and 11 hours of continuous usage. The battery capacity of earbuds is at least 1 hour.

Other than that, it comes with a noise reduction feature that makes the sound crystal clear even though you are in a crowded area or have a windy environment.

You can also touch the earbuds to control the playlist or call your loved ones since it comes with a touch music control feature.

The earbuds also come with a charging case, so you can insert the earbuds and have them charged up anytime you want.

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