Honor Magic Earbuds VS. Honor Choice Earbuds

Honor is an E-brand of Huawei Group. Both magic and choice earbuds have come from Honor. We are going to compare Honor Magic earbuds vs Honor Choice True Wireless earbuds.

Honor magic another name is flyPods 3. The statistics for these two earbuds are fast. Both earbuds have a comfortable fit and good sound quality. Let’s start to compare each other.

Why is Honor Choice TWS better than Honor Magic Earbuds?

  • 2.5h longer battery life
  • It has a noise-cancelling microphone
  • It has a neodymium magnet
  • 38.46% longer battery life of the charging case
  • 2g lighter
  • 48.65% more battery power

Why are Honor Magic Earbuds better than Honor Choice TWS?

  • Has active noise cancellation (noise control)?
  • 2 more microphone(s)?
  • 3mm bigger driver unit?
  • 18000Hz higher high-frequency?

Honor Magic Earbuds Vs. Honor Choice Earbuds Review

Audio Quality

Let’s check how we found all the statistics and their quality. Honor Magic earbuds have 10mm drivers per earbud and they probably put some pressure even though.

You probably don’t want to play anything too loud through them. Trouble, in particular, is a shaky sibilant sound that converts to most consonants and changes the shape of x with it.

Unlike most budget TWS earbuds with silicone tips, the Honor Choice alloy is natural and doesn’t go beyond the middle and buttocks. More importantly, they support AAC, which allows you to enjoy better high-bitrate music than a typical SBC codec.

Audio Quality Test

when I test different earbuds and check out and see which one sounds better now the honor flyPods 3 or honor magic whichever name you want to call it. they have a 10-millimetre driver and the honor choice earbuds have a 7-millimetre driver.

so, there should be a difference now. when I listened to the honor choice, I was blown away by how well they sounded. the whole sound spectrum is solid and sounds super clean.

Honor choice midst is really clean but the lows base doesn’t hit quite as hard as the honor magic and that’s to be expected because they have a smaller driver these have a 10-millimetre driver and the honor choice have a 7-millimetre driver. so that’s to be expected but for $39.

you can determine the difference in value and which earbud is right for you $100 or $40. what do you want to spend for $40, these are pretty solid, right?

Battery Life

Honor Magic earbuds have up to 3.3 hours of music playback (ANC off) and up to two and a half hours of talk time (ANC off). Furthermore, its magnetic charging case will allow you to charge both earphones 5 times, simply extending the hours of what we can enjoy without using them.

On a single charge, Honor Choice True Wireless earbuds let you stream for up to 6 hours continuously. There are three more full charges for charging, giving you an extra 18 hours of playback.

This means earbuds and the charging case can provide up to 24 hours of total playback.


Let’s go a little further in detail about what options you have, including controls and honors choices. It is limited to its touch controls because it does not hook any application.

So you can’t make any changes. If you double-tap on earbuds, you’ll be able to pause your music or answer and reject the call. If you tap on the earbud for two seconds and you have an incoming call, it will be rejected.

If you don’t hear a tone, if you hold and hold on to the left earbud for two seconds, it will go back to the previous track. If you tap and hold for two seconds on the right earbud you can’t hear a tone, it will move to the next track. Honor magic or FlyPods 3 is a bit more advanced.

All I want to do is go to the app itself and tell you all the options are fine.

Step 1: Download and install the Huawei AI Life app. Use your phone’s browser to scan the QR code or use the Huawei App to download and install the Huawei AI Life app.

Step 2: Add Honor Flipods 3 to the list of Huawei AI Life devices.

  • Add Honor Flypods 3 to your phone.
  • Open the Huawei AI Life app, touch the “+” icon in the top right, and touch Add Device. The application will automatically scan all devices on the Wi-Fi network.
  • In the list of Ned scanned devices, find the device name of the earphone device, and touch the connection on the right to add this device.

Step 3: Open the Huawei AI Life app. Go to the home screen of the app and touch Home to add Honor Magic earbuds (FlyPods 3) to the device list.

Step 4: Touch Noise-Cancel to see more details.

Step 5: Then enable Noise Cancel.

Our Verdict

All the touch settings that are available on flypods 3. So, what do you guys think is the best choice?

You know I want to be able to put six hours of playback time on the Honor choices but Flypods 3 has some fantastic touch controls. Also, clarity mode is great, and active noise cancellation.

So, it’s hard for you to know that it comes down to what’s most important to you if you want a ton of playback time without worrying about charge, you go here. If you need features here, this is where you go.

I hope you enjoyed this comparison of what I received today. Let me know what you think, what you like, and what you don’t want in all your comments below.

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