How To Wear Sony Linkbuds?

The sony linkbuds is a unique Open-ring design earbuds of the sony company. The earbuds feature an Open-ring design that lets you hear your surroundings, making them perfect for use when running or working out.

The linkbuds also have a built-in mic and remote, so you can take calls and control your music without removing your earbuds.

If you have it, you may want to know how to wear sony linkbuds. Wearing earbuds is complicated compared to regular earbuds because of their open-ring design.

You should have sony linkbuds if you do not because you will get high-quality sound with ambient Sounds. Integrated V1 Processor also creates a realistic 3D audio experience.

Also, the battery life is 5.5 hours playback and 17.5 hours playback time with the case. With IPX4 rating means, it’s sweat and splash-proof. You can use them for workouts, running, etc.

However, we will discuss how to wear sony linkbuds.

How To Wear Sony Linkbuds

How To Wear Sony Linkbuds?

Sony linkbuds are a great way to listen to music on the go. But how do you ensure you’re wearing them properly?

1. Check out the left and right marks on the earbuds:

Before wearing them, check the left and right marks on the earbuds. The left one goes to your left ear, and the right one goes to your right ear. There is also a tactile dot on the left driver unit.

2. Check the position relation between your ear and earbuds:

The earbuds are divided into three parts:

  • A: The driver unit part
  • B: The housing part
  • C: The fitting supporter

Let’s divide your ear into three parts to understand better:

  • A: The ear canal
  • B: The ear concha
  • C: The ear anthelix

3. Wearing them correctly:

When you put the earbuds into your ears, make sure the driver unit “A” is inserted into your ear canal at the A position. The housing part “B” should be at the “B” position of the ear. The fitting supporter “C” should be hooked in the ear anthelix at C.

3. Shake your head lightly and check if they’re in position:

After putting them in, check that they’re positioned well by shaking your head lightly. The earbuds should not fall out easily. Also, touch the fitting supporter with your finger to make sure it’s hooked securely in place.

4. The earbuds fall out:

If earbuds fall after shaking your head, try a different fitting supporter. You get different sizes of fitting supporters with your earbuds.

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

Fit the fitting supporter correctly into your earbuds. If it’s still loose, try a different size.

5. Check if the earbuds are correctly worn:

Touch the fitting supporter and check that it’s in the ear anthelix to check if the earbuds are correctly worn. The housing part should also be inserted into your ear concha correctly. Lastly, check the ear canal for the driver part.

You know the wearing process off linkbuds but you don’t know how to pair linkbuds. Read the article to know the pairing process.

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Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Sony Linkbuds

It’s important to keep your sony linkbuds clean and well-maintained to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  1. Remove the earbuds from your ears and wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth after each use.
  2. Avoid getting the earbuds wet or using them in humid environments.
  3. If the earbuds get wet, remove the batteries immediately and let them dry completely before reinserting them.
  4. Do not expose the earbuds to extreme temperatures, as this can damage the internal components.
  5. Clean the earbuds regularly with a soft, dry toothbrush to remove any build-up of earwax or other debris.
  6. If the earbuds are not being used for an extended period, remove the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your sony linkbuds clean and working correctly for many years.


Now you know how to wear Sony linkbuds properly. Enjoy your music anywhere, anytime. You should also follow the cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your linkbuds in good condition. With proper care, your Sony linkbuds should last you a long time.

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