OnePlus Buds VS. Google Pixel Buds: Which One Best for You?

Today in this article we will compare OnePlus buds vs google pixel buds. Both earbuds have different price offers. They provide amazing feathers and value.

If google pixel buds and apple AirPods get marriage then oneplus buds will be their child. Let’s see the difference between both earbuds.

Oneplus buds have the same space-age aesthetics as the Google Pixel bubbles on the outside, and the earbuds both look almost identical to the Apple Airpods, which feels like a clear inspiration from the OnePlus first true wireless earbuds.

OnePlus buds vs Google Pixel Buds Battle

OnePlus BudsGoogle Pixel Buds
Size18.8 x 16.1 x 37.9 mm.7 x .8 x .8 inch
Weights4.6g0.15 pounds
Driver13.4 mm12 mm
ColorsWhite and GrayWhite and Orange
Battery LifeUp to 7 hoursUp to 5 hours
Charging Time80 mint1.5 hours
True WirelessYes Yes
Buy NowAliexpressGoogle Store

OnePlus buds vs Google Pixel Buds Review

OnePlus buds vs Google Pixel Buds: Price 

OnePlus Buds and Google Pixel Buds are both recommended for Android users, but it is not clear which one is better.

In terms of price, the OnePlus Buds are significantly cheaper than google pixel earbuds out there, priced at $79. Google pixel buds at $179. Google pixel buds are exactly $100 more expensive.

I can say to you right now that google pixel buds are better than oneplus buds. Check their main difference and find out whether you expand more than $100 or not.

OnePlus buds vs Google Pixel Buds: Design

The obvious difference here is that the AirPods use around the back and are smaller, but the larger OnePlus buds opt for a touch-capacitive flat panel on the back.

OnePlus Buds vs Google Pixel Buds

Unfortunately, although there is no customization in the controls, they are super limited. It simply goes with a double-tap or answers phone calls with a single tap. That’s it.

The most striking feature of the Google Pixel Buds – and the thing that sets them apart from the original pixel buds that they will probably replace in the future – is that they are completely wireless.

OnePlus Buds vs Google Pixel Buds

This time there is no cord running between the buds, and it is being released.


The Google Pixel Bud Case is completely redesigned and fits in both your ear and pockets. Google’s Pixel Buds make ear fits more secure

OnePlus buds may not be suitable for every ear and in our experience wearing them after the first hour becomes painful.

IPX4 Rating & Exercise:

OnePlus buds given their sweatproof IPX4 rating. It gives you a good experience when you exercise.

The Pixel Buds come with a Stallworth IPX4 water-resistance rating. If you are thinking of using the Google Pixel buds during a workout or an outdoor activity.

You may want to think again because they are risky to lose during extra movement.

OnePlus buds vs Google Pixel Buds: Audio Quality

You are getting better quality with pixel buds; it’s expected considering their higher price tag than the OnePlus buds. With that said, I should keep in mind that I and several other reviews heard a strange background hissing sound with pixel buds while playing music at low volume in a quiet room.

The good sound overall is good overall, but there is a lack of midst, providing music I have heard a limited soundstage. Still, for the $79 wireless earbuds that come with other important features, the OnePlus bubbles will suffice.

OnePlus Buds vs Google Pixel Buds

OnePlus buds vs Google Pixel Buds: Battery Life

OnePlus buds have the two receiving paths of battery life are that these things last forever 30 hours of connected charge – 7 hours in buddies, 23 in cases – and can be recharged in a few minutes for warp charging.

OnePlus Buds VS. Google Pixel Buds: Which One Best for You?

When we asked OnePlus if the warp charge could damage the overall life of the lithium-ion battery in the buds, they said they found that the warp charge does not reduce the charge at all and does not pose a safety risk because the earbuds cap is 5v 1.5A to avoid damage.

Officially, Google pixel buds charge at the time of submission in the charging case for charging an additional 24 hours every four hours and we see that this number is quite spot on.

OnePlus Buds vs Google Pixel Buds

The built-in battery life in the Pixel Bud is shorter than you’ll see anywhere else, so if you plan to use them on this long-haul flight, expect 15-20 minutes to go without it in your ear when recharging.

OnePlus buds vs Google Pixel Buds: Which one do you get to buy?

If you are confused about which one you should buy then I give you the solution. Price is a fast fact. If your budget is up to $200 then you can buy google pixel buds. If not then buy oneplus buds.

The OnePlus Bud is among the cheapest truly wireless earbuds from a top-tier phone company, and with the support of Dolby Atmos in the OTA update on Oneplus 7 and OnePlus 6, it’s a better value if you have a OnePlus phone.

OnePlus buds are a great solution if you use them continuously because if you are constantly picking dead earbuds. They will hold their charge for a few weeks at a time and can be reimbursed in just 10 minutes once they die.

Google pixel buds have focused on what customers are looking for in terms of easy-to-use and fun designs. If you have an Android phone, there is no easier set of headphones to pair than pixel buds, and the touch controls are seamless.

If you want a headphone that allows you to communicate in any language (as long as you have your phone and an internet connection) there is nothing better than a pixel bud. Earbuds don’t do key translations themselves, they’re a great vehicle for providing linguist’s smarts.

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