OnePlus Buds VS OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

We are here to talk about OnePlus Buds vs OnePlus bullets wireless Z. Both earbuds come from the same company. These earbuds are more comfortable and perfect.

Also, you will get it at a cheap price. You can call them the best earbuds for under $100.

OnePlus Buds vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review

OnePlus Buds vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z: Price

The OnePlus bullet z is coming in at $50. The OnePlus bullet z will get the automatic win with the OnePlus Buds coming in at $79. The Indian market gets even crazier.

The OnePlus buds in the Indian market are coming in for right around $65, and I have heard that the OnePlus bullet z has been seen as low as 25 us equivalent which is wild as far as pricing is concerned.

So as far as that goes, I mean even for the full price even for $50. It’s already a win, but if you are one of my friends who lives over in India and can get these for a crazy cheap price, that’s a win.

OnePlus Buds vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z: Connectivity

Let’s talk about connectivity.  Both earbuds run Bluetooth 5.0 and use aac and sbc as their codex. Video latency is concerned, there is next to none of these earbuds as now as gaming is concerned.

You will still have the same lag that you will find with any other set of Bluetooth earbuds. But what makes these a little bit different is that if you are using either of these with a OnePlus phone, it will enable their fanatic mode, which will give you something like a high-performance, low-latency mode when you’re playing games.

Is it going to remove all of the latency from saying pub, call of duty, or fortnight? Not but it is going to make a little bit better, and it is going to improve your experience when you’re playing the game.

So that is a nice touch, but sadly it is only available if you’re running these with a OnePlus device. The differences go between these two. The OnePlus Buds do feature the google fast pair feature.

When you pop open the lid on an Android phone, whether it’s a OnePlus, a Google, or a Samsung, it’s going to give you a prompt. It’s going to say hey, and these buds want to pair to your phone.

So, it will provide you with a prompt you go ahead and press it, bypassing the Bluetooth menu. The OnePlus bullets wirelessly are concerned they don’t have that feature. But they have a quick switch. Now the smart switch is very similar to having a multi-point connection.

If you’re running two phones or if you have a laptop or a tablet and a phone and you have Bluetooth connections, you’ve already paired the one plus bullets to both of them.

You can double-tap the pairing button on the OnePlus bullets wirelessly, and it’ll switch between the two takes maybe a second and a half. So, click you hear a beep and then boom, you are connected to the next one.

You do it again audio, and then you’re connected to the previous device. For me, connectivity is a concern that’s going to be where the OnePlus bullets wirelessly take the win.

OnePlus Buds vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z: Controls

You are going to have almost no control over them. You will have a double-tap that can skip tracks forward, but that was the only command that I could summon from these earbuds.

The OnePlus Buds offer a companion app that can run similar to what Samsung deals with the galaxy buds. The OnePlus bullets have controls that are built-in right on the wire.

So, you have your play pause your answer and your phone call. You have your volume up and down, and if you long-press those, you also get skip track forward and skip trackback.

The pairing button also doubles the quick switch button. You have all your functions right on the earbuds. You can use them with any device that you have.

It doesn’t have to be a OnePlus device. So, for control, I mean it’s pretty obvious who the winner is here. It’s going to be the OnePlus bullets wireless Z.

OnePlus Buds vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z: Call quality

Let’s talk about call quality. Now for me, both are kinds of unexceptional. So, I’m going to have to give them a tie where I feel like the OnePlus bullet z has a bit more body to the voice.

It’s kind of on the muffled side a little bit and then the OnePlus buds. They have a bit more clarity, but they are also really tinny and thin-sounding. These are standard-type earbuds where they do seal up in your ear.

You can listen to them at quieter volume levels, around 50 or 60 per cent. Have a great time, and be fully immersed in your music.

So as far as volume goes, plenty of overhead I never listen to them at full capacity. They can get quite loud, so that’s how these stand as far as the OnePlus buds go because they are open-ear designs.

OnePlus Buds vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z: Sound quality

Let’s go ahead and build upon what I was saying about the OnePlus buds because of their open-ear design. OnePlus Buds have excellent sound quality like the tuning, and it seems pretty good.

You know you have some pretty kick and bass. OnePlus buds have some superb mid-range. The trouble is okay, but as soon as I let them go, nobody will sit here, holding their ears up to their earbuds.

It allows more of the noise in it to pull them away from my ears. It just sounds tinny to me once again. So, it loses a lot of the body that’s there because of that gap and space of air.

This extra noise can come in, so for some people, that’s not an issue. I want to make sure that you guys understand that I acknowledge that there are plenty of people out there who are okay with open-ear design.

I think for you, these would probably be okay. OnePlus Buds don’t have as much bass or as much force behind the music.

I would personally prefer, but you know for people who are okay with that style of the earbud, that’s going to be perfectly fine as far as the one plus bullets Z.

This is where you’re going to want to go if you want the better sound quality out of these two options. So I know what a lot of people out there said that these don’t have bass.

You got to try all the different ear tips that come in the box. If none of them is sealing, work whatever other ear tips.

You have in your house seriously that’s going to make the most significant difference, and it’s going to be a game-changer. Once you try that out, but when you have a proper seal with the OnePlus Bullets wireless Z.

The base is ridiculous. These things seriously bang like they bring a lot of sub-bass, a lot of rumbles, and bleeds into the midst These don’t have that audiophile level of quality as far as clarity is concerned.


I see a lot of my readers from India. They like stuff with that extra bass, and this is where you’re going to want to be for that.

So, if you’re going to feel the music, if you’re going to feel the volume and want to think that bass, then forget about those OnePlus buds. You’re going to want to roll with the OnePlus bullets wireless Z.

For me, the OnePlus Bullets wireless Z with the extra bass fully controls all of that volume, and that quick switch mode is an obvious choice over the OnePlus Buds. Hope OnePlus Buds vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z help you to make the decision.

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