Redmi AirDots S VS. Realme Buds Q

Comfortable with ears with both earbud designs. Redmi Airdots S vs. Realme Buds is the style of both designs that are almost the same. Both earphones themselves are pill-shaped and simple yet tasteful.

These two prices are very close and have the same form factor, so here is a comparison of our details.

Redmi AirDots S vs. Realme Buds Q comparison:

ProductRedmi AirDots SRealme Buds Q
Driver Unit7.2 mm10 mm
Weight4.1 g3.6 g
Bluetooth Version5.05.0
Latency122 ms with gaming mode119 ms in low latency mode
Charging portMicro-USBMicro-USB
BatteryEarbud: 43 mAh
Case: 300 mAh
Earbud: 40 mAh
Case: 400 mAh
Battery LifeEarbud:4 hours of music playback
Case: 12 hours of music playback
Earbud: 4.5 hours of music playback
Case: 20 hours of music playback
Charging time<2 hours<2 hours, 30W charging supported
App PairingYes. realme Link
GesturesMulti-function button with Assistant Support
Play/pause music playback
Launch voice assistant
Answer/hang up a call
Jump between tracks
Play/pause music playback.
Launch voice assistant
Answer/hang up a call
Jump between tracks

Redmi AirDots S vs. Realme Buds Q Review


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Redmi earbuds S design is the weight; The earphones weigh 4.1g each.

This makes the headset available in the most comfortable real wireless earphones available today, and the earbuds are easily anchored to our ears without any support.

The in-canal fit results in sound isolation, and you get three pairs of silicone ear tips in the box, which makes it even easier to fit.

The earbuds are IPX 4-rated for water resistance, which is enough to protect them from occasional splashes and some sweating.

French artist Jose Levy designs Realme Buds Q, and they play young-based designs that fit comfortably to the ears. The earbuds weigh only 3.6 grams each and are made of PC + ABS polymer blended material.

The whole-body weight, including the charger, is as light as 35.3 grams. Lighter than the 4-size paper on a single headphone. Realme Buds Q are also rated IPX4 for key water resistance.

The charging case is not rated IPX4. Lastly, the earrings support single-mic sound cancellation and include Bluetooth V5.

Audio Quality

For Airdots S: The functionality of the Redmi Airdots S includes a single tap to play/pause music, press and hold to reject the call, double-tap to launch a voice assistant such as Xiao AI, Google Assistant, or Siri. It uses Realtech RTL 787633 BFR Bluetooth chip and supports dual-channel stereo.

It includes a dedicated game mode that can be enabled by tapping the headset three times. Once the game mode is enabled, the earrings will enter low-delay mode, reducing transmission delays, adjusting sound and image, and enhancing the gaming experience.

Also, it includes a 7.2mm driver unit and DSP noise reduction to remove background noise during calls. Compared to the last generation, the data transmission rate has doubled.

For Realme Buds Q: The earbuds have a 10mm dynamic boost bus driver for better quality, and the Realme Dynamic Bus Boost (DBB) solution is used for more mobility at the bus level.

In realme buds Q integrates an R1Q True wireless chip and provides a less delayed gaming mode for better audio and video sync while playing games. The company says that this delay has been reduced by more than 51% and that it only takes 119mm to transfer sound from your phone to the Realme Buds Q.

Earbuds AAC supports high-quality audio and intelligent touch controls. Double tapping on the side allows users to answer calls, play music, or pause. The triple will play the next song by tapping the earbuds, and pressing and holding to one side will end the call. Pressing and holding both sides will allow users to enter gaming mode.

Battery Life

Redmi AirDots S has a claimed battery life of four hours per charge. Used for up to 12 hours, combined with the additional charges provided by the charging case.

Gaming users will also benefit from a low-latency mode on the Redmi AirDots S that can transmit comfort sounds from smartphones to in-ear earphones.

Realme Buds Q comes with true wireless earbuds with a 40mAh battery and a 400mAh battery for charging. The company claims that earbuds offer 4.5 hours of playback on a single charge and a total of 20 hours of playback on charging.

This is equivalent to watching 8 movies or listening to 400 songs. The company claims that if the average daily usage is 3 hours, Realme Buds Q needs to be charged once a week.


The Redmi Airdots S and Realme Buds Q are priced at just $17.85 and $20 on aliexpress. You will see a slight difference between the two earphones.

Our Verdict

From the above comparison, it is clear that Realme Buds Q Key has much higher audio specs – bigger drivers, better codecs, and application support.

They have lighter and longer battery life, supporting faster charging compared to the app pairing and the Redmi Earbuds S. On the other hand, the Redmi Airdots S have longer battery life and are 10% cheaper than the Realme Buds.

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