Sennheiser HD 560S Review: Over-ear Audiophile Headphones

These are the new Sennheiser HD 560S review. These are Sennheiser’s latest pair of entry-level audiophile open-back headphones that will be able to delight any audiophile out there.

If you have an incoming artist on your budget, you should keep these covered. These headphones provide perfect sound.

They have the excellent build quality, and they fit very well when broken. Check full Sennheiser HD 560S Review.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Impressive stereo imaging performance
  • Reveal the truth in your music
  • Open earcups that open minds


  • No sound profile adjustment features.


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Sennheiser HD 560S Review


Sennheiser HD 560S Review

You will find the Sennheiser HD 560S at a retail price of 200. Now just for the sake of comparison, the super-popular Massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX Retail price of $220 and Sennheiser HD 660S retail at $500.

The most important difference between Massdrop headphones and the Sennheiser HD 560S is their versatility. The Sennheiser HD 6XX has a 300-ohm barrier, while the Sennheiser HD 560S has a 120-ohm barrier.

So you don’t necessarily need an AMP to run these headphones like the Sennheiser HD 6XX. And to compare again, the Sennheiser HD 660S has a 150-ohm impedance. If you use AMP, you will get much more from Sennheiser HD 560S.

What in The Box?

First, let’s talk about what comes in the box. These headphones are included with a detachable 3-meter long cable. You have got a 2.5mm plug on one end that goes into the headphones itself and the other end.

We got a 6.3-millimeter plug. However, these headphones include a 3.5-mm receiver. So you can use this cable to plugin directly to your computer or whatever audio source you have.

Build Quality

Sennheiser HD 560S Review

When it comes to the headphones themselves build quality-wise, there are no complaints. These headphones have a mostly smooth plastic body construction. But more importantly, these headphones have zero cracking or squeaking whenever you flex them, and their headband also has a decent click to it whenever you extend it, which is excellent given that these headphones are mostly plastic. 


When it comes to headphone padding, both the headband and earpads have very plush velour padding. But if you need to, you can always easily remove these earpads and snap them into another pair.

You can quickly wear these headphones for a few hours without any problems in terms of comfort, but they require a break-in period. These headphones are allowed for big heads, but when you first get these headphones, you want to stretch a few of them better.

However, depending on the weight, these headphones can weigh up to 240 grams. These are a pair of headphones that you will not forget after a while. The padding on their headband is very luxurious.

This headband does not create any hot spots on the top of your head. These headphones are enormous when it comes to earpads. These earpads will have no problem adapting to all ear types, even if you have many ears stuck.

Tech Space

Sennheiser HD 560S Review

These are a pair of open-back headphones. They have a frequency response between 6 hertz and 38 thousand hertz, and they have an impedance of 120 ohms. So you are not necessarily going to need to use an amp with these headphones.

These are plug-and-play if you were to plug these headphones directly into your computer. These headphones would get decently loud, but I feel that they will leave you wanting more.

So even though you don’t have to use an amp with these headphones. These headphones are going to benefit from an AMP. Just as you would expect, these headphones have a very flat and neutral sound signature. 

Audio Quality

Now the bass of these headphones is perfectly audible, but if you want to go to your AMP or EQ settings and pick up the bass on these headphones. They will give you a little physical kick, but not too much.

When it comes to mids and highs, they are incredibly crisp, and they are not distorted to a greater extent. Even if you are using these headphones with no AMP. You crank up these headphones too loudly. 

Lastly, when it comes to the soundstage and instrumental separation, these headphones do a great job of getting you involved in your music. These headphones seem very open, and you can easily pick individual components.

So overall, if you are looking for a pair of reference-grade headphones because you are an audiophile who enjoys the finer details in your music or you are looking for that wide soundstage to get involved with your music. 

Final Word

Sennheiser HD 560S Review helps you to make the right decision. If you have a producer on a budget, then the Sennheiser HD 560S is a reliable option. Build quality-wise even though these headphones have a mostly smooth plastic body.

They are still strong, but more importantly because these headphones have very plush velour padding. They feel great when you get these.

Just keep in mind that these headphones need a break-in period. After that, you can quickly wear the Sennheiser HD 560S for a few hours.

In terms of performance, these headphones are plug-and-play. Thanks for their 120-ohm impedance. If you use them with Amp, you are going to get more out of them.

The Sennheiser HD 560S has a flat sound signature that is not distorted at high volume with very scissor mids and heights. The bass on top of these headphones is mostly in tune.

Don’t expect too many kicks from these headphones. But more importantly, the complete sound stage and splitting of the instruments in these headphones will immerse you completely in your music.

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