Skullcandy Crusher Evo VS. Skullcandy Crusher ANC

Over the last few years, Skullcandy has made some huge improvements with its lineup of Crusher headphones. Last year they released the Crusher ANC, which added active noise cancellation and an ambient mode to these headphones.

This year they released the Crusher Evo, which I think has a better build quality than the more premium Crusher ANC but at a more affordable price.

But if you are thinking of getting one of these headphones. Let’s see Skullcandy Crusher Evo Vs Skullcandy Crusher ANC, which one is right for you?

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Vs Skullcandy Crusher ANC


When it comes to price, the retail price of Crusher Evo is 200, whereas the retail price of Crusher ANC is $320, as I mentioned with the Skullcandy Crusher headphones of the past.

I would not recommend that you choose these headphones as your everyday driver, as they are suitable as a pair of secondary headphones to use if you want to have fun. I think it’s easy to justify Crusher Evo winning because of their low price.

Carrying Case

The first here is to deal with carrying cases. You are included with a carrying pouch of Crusher Evo. Now, this carrying pouch feels very premium because the outer side is quite thick and stiff.

And inside, there are fake fur and pockets for your cables. But if you plan to travel with your headphones covered because of the Crusher’s ANC, you have included them with the severe Hard-shell carrying case.

So you don’t have to worry about these headphones if you want to carry the Crusher Evo carrying pouch in this backpack.

Build Quality

I prefer the build quality of Evo over the ANC. Both of these headphones have zero cracking whenever you handle them, which is always great. But what makes Evo stand here is that Evo has multiple touch surfaces for which I am sucking.

Most of this body part is covered in a soft touch. When you extend this headband over the ANC’s headband, there is an Alcantara hit at the top of the headband and padded silicone on the bottom. The core of the ANC is your standard smooth plastic.

There’s nothing wrong with having all the plastic bodies right now, but the Evo feels even more premium if you have it in your hand. However, the common denominator of these headphones is their literate.

The literate of both these headphones feel excellent, it is soft and supple, and it also has a little grain. Simply put, the literate on these headphones has embarrassed some of the larger companies.


The Crusher ANC fits better overall than the Crush Evo. Both of these are allowed big heads because they don’t have too much clamping power to feel like they are holding your head Like the Surface Headphones 2. Both of these headphones fit well.


When it comes to weight, both headphones weigh 310 grams, and most of the headphones in these categories weigh between 270 and 290 grams if you put them slightly apart.

So it would be best if you never forgot that you are wearing one of these headphones and these two headphones are relatively noticeable when you are walking around with them.

Tech Space

When it comes to tech space, these two headphones charge via a USB C port. These two headphones charge decently fast.

If you plug in the Crusher ANC for 10 minutes from a dead battery, they will give you 3 hours of playback time, and the Crusher Evo will provide you with 4 hours from the same ten-minute charge.

Battery Life

These headphones are very different and depend on how high the bass slider is on your headphone sets. The crusher ANC has an advertised battery life of 24 hours with the activation of active noise cancellation.

However, you can extend their battery life by using Fi to turn off their ANC. The Evo has an advertised battery life of 40 minutes.

But again, if the bass grows on your headphones, you will get less battery life, and if you have less bass, you will get more battery life. So the battery life of these headphones depends on how you use them.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Both of these headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity. More importantly, even though Skullcandy claims that the Crusher ANC can be connected to 2 devices simultaneously, I have never been able to get them to do it.

So for me, these headphones can only be connected to the Crusher Evo one device at a time. So if you are a power user, you will not be able to switch hot from one device to another.

Watching Movie or Videos

More importantly, when it comes to watching movies or videos on your phone, whether you are using an iPhone or Android device, both headphones can be left blank across the board.

When it comes to audio codecs, Evo has support for AAC, whereas Crusher ANC has APTX support. But you can always use a wired connection with these two headphones if you want because both of them are still easy to reach with 3.5mm audio cables.

Audio Quality

Let’s talk about listening to music with these headphones. These headphones sound identical to one another, and they are both putting out the same amount of bone-rattling bass.

These headphones have 40-millimetre drivers handling most of them sound like any other pair of headphones out there, but what makes these headphones unique is that they both have a different couple of drivers that handle all of the extras had rattling bass, essentially acting as vibrating motors.

So the sound and bass on these headphones are essentially two different entities. The bass on these headphones is going to rattle your head way more than any other pair of headphones on the market.

These headphones will make you see double, and your teeth are going to chatter. The bass on both of these headphones is insane, and it’s much fun.

Now when it comes to sound quality, both of these headphones say decent, but due to all of their head-rattling bass, you’re not going to notice or care about the instrument separation or soundstage on these headphones cause their bass is so overwhelming and distracting. So really, these headphones are all about vocals and bass.

But I do prefer to listen to music with the Crusher Evo for one key reason. With the Evo’s, you’ve got a few preset EQ settings to choose from. Now the music EQ on these headphones has your standard Skullcandy bass-heavy EQ that you’ll also find on the ANC.

I prefer to use the Evo’s while in their Movie EQ cause the movie EQ on these headphones ups the mids and highs a little bit making it easier to hear vocals over all of that bass.

Whereas with the ANC, you don’t have these other EQ settings to choose from. Now the Crusher ANC sound pleasing, but Skullcandy, come on, you can add this through a software update.

Both of these headphones have personalized audio; if you go through a hearing test, you’ll get a customised EQ. Now I wouldn’t say I like it when headphones have this. Just give me a fully customizable EQ to adjust.

But overall, when it comes to sound, both headphones perform the same, and they’re both putting out the same amount of head-rattling bass. But I prefer listening to music with the Evo’s when they’re set to their Movie EQ.

ANC and Ambient Mode

The Noise cancellation of Crusher ANC activity and an activity mode make them more versatile than the Crusher Evo. While it is cool, it is not the best despite the Crusher ANC’s active noise cancellation.

Especially since these headphones have a premium price tag, and the ANC in these headphones serve as ANC across a pair of mid-range ANC headphones.

So as you may have just seen, the Sony 1000XM4 blocks out way more noise than the crusher ANC. It is not even close. The ANC on the Crusher ANC is not the most significant cause first off.

This microphone array picks up a lot of wind noise when walking outdoors. More importantly, the ANC on these headphones does have a constant hissing background, which can be distracting when watching movies with these headphones.

And even though I think it is excellent that these headphones have an ambient mode, which is super useful for either commuting or watching movies at home.

Again, the ambient way on these headphones does have a constant hissing in the background, which can be distracting, and this ambient mode also picks up a lot of wind noise when walking outdoors.

Final Word

I do not like and recommend the Skullcandy Crusher EVO more than the Skullcandy Crusher ANC. While it is excellent all in all, the crusher ANC’s active noise cancellation and ambient mode make it even more versatile.

Unfortunately, the ANC and servo mode on these headphones are not the best reason to air relatively slowly in their microphone array background. If you need Active noise cancellation and ambient mode, it is best to carry another pair of headphones.

But if you are interested in having lots of fun, I suggest you go with Skullcandy Evo. The Evo runs on the same amount as the Crusher ANC, but they have better quality at a more affordable price. I have already mentioned a few times.

I recommend pairing these headphones when you want to jam the headphones and enjoy this head-ratchet bass. However, I would not recommend that you choose these flagship headphones as your primary headphones as they are not the most comfortable for extended use sessions.

They are not the best for travel reasons due to their active noise cancellation and lack of an environment they mode. But as I said, if you are looking for dumb fun, this is the way to go to Skullcandy Crusher Evo.

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