Are Jabra Elite 65t Better than AirPods Pro?

In the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds market, more and more manufacturers have introduced models to reduce the active noise to challenge the Apple AirPods Pro, but no one can surpass it.

Even if Bose QuietComfort Earbuds noise canceling, earplugs are greater than the AirPods Pro in terms of noise canceling.

The overall experience of the AirPods Pro is still very perfect. Effective active noise canceling improved sound effects and ergonomic design AirPods Pro has reached an extraordinary level.

Although Jabra introduced the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds of noise cancellation late, it is the first ANC headset Elite 85t, which is still awaited and further developed based on Jabra Elite Active 75t.

One different function. Of course, the Elite 85t Active Noise cancellation feature won’t disappoint. Which is the best choice for a truly wireless Bluetooth headset for noise cancellation? Let’s find the answer together.

Are Jabra Elite 65t Better than AirPods Pro?

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Jabra Elite 85t: Price

Many of the top ANC noise cancellations true wireless Bluetooth earbuds cost more than $500, so it’s no surprise to see prices on the AirPods Pro and Jabra Elite 85t.

The Jabra Elite 85t is $230, which is slightly lower than the AirPods Pro at $250. The hardware specification and functional integration are both equally great, and the price is the same. So the decision ultimately depends on personal preference and budget.

Winner: Tie

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Jabra Elite 85t: Design

There is no doubt that the Elite 85t is a more fashionable choice and uses a durable all-plastic shell to protect the interior structure. It is not easy to scratch, has a smooth matting effect, and has an IPX4 waterproof rating.

Jabra is working on the oval design, but it is larger to accommodate the extra elements. The earbuds are obviously heavy, but they will not feel heavy when worn, and the durability of the earbuds is also very good.

The Elite 85t charging case is thicker and wider than the AirPods Pro, but it is lighter and more durable. The magnet used to close the earpiece does not turn off the earphones and is much harder to ensure that it is stronger than the AirPods Pro’s earbuds.

Apple’s long-handle style is no longer popular, so it will be exciting when rumours are circulating about the newly designed AirPods Pro 2.

However, the all-plastic structure of the AirPods Pro can keep the internal intact, and the fine touch (like the black ventilation holes in the front and the silver decoration on the bottom) makes the overall look a big plus.

We find that the AirPods Pro offers more comfort and a better fit. Unlike other in-ear types, the ear shells will go deep into the ear canal and create a foreign body sensation, but the ear canal will cover completely and lean firmly against the ear: comfort and sound insulation.

Apple has even created a dedicated earplug fit test to help users determine the most suitable earplugs. Therefore, you can understand why AirPods Pro is considered one of the best true wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Also, the protection layer is IPX4, which is resistant to sweat and water.

The charging case of the AirPods Pro is no different from the previous version. It is still thin and attractive and can be easily pocketed.

However, the cover’s weak magnetic force is a problem because it cannot provide the strongest seal. If you accidentally drop it on the ground, the headset will come out easily.

Winner: Tie

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Jabra Elite 85t: Control button

Apple’s new press hints are great. Pushing the earbuds into the ear canal will not be uncomfortable by pressing the normal physical buttons while placing the radio force sensor.

It can also accurately record the number of presses. Also, when one ear is closed, the concert is automatically paused.

The Elite 85t physical buttons have a good response. They can execute user commands correctly, but pressing the buttons will make it uncomfortable to press the earbuds into the ear canal.

On the bright side, my controls allow users to assign single-press, double-press, and triple-press gestures to enable/disable playback management, call management, and listening mode. There is also a smart detection function, and the effect is very good.

However, the real key to this round of comparisons is voice assistant support. Like Siri and Google Assistant’s excellent performance on the Elite 85t, the hands-free “Hey Siri” function on AirPods Pro is unparalleled.

AirPods Pro can immediately turn on the Apple AI robot when calling, and it runs flawlessly. Apple’s microphone will pick up each syllable, and Siri will respond to it as soon as possible after receiving the command.

Winner: AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Jabra Elite 85t: Sound Quality

To create better sound performance for the Elite 85t, Jabra has redesigned and refined its driver unit to create a pleasant and vibrant sound by giving the Elite 85t a unique sound field in brightness and warmth.

While listening to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” you can feel the repetition of playing the guitar. The top singer sounds very interesting and will grow even more as the song progresses.

After raising the bass level, and listening to Jazz Cartier’s “Temptation,” the tempting boss has been completely reproduced, which can only be felt in the flagship true wireless Bluetooth earbuds Sennheiser and Sony. Now the Elite 85t does it too.

The sound of AirPods Pro is clean and warm, a major upgrade over AirPods. The loud and powerful snare drums produced on the complex jazz samples of Pharcyde <Runnin> and the guitar improvisation in the AC/DC <Back in Black> provide the same level as high-quality headphones.

Although the bass performance of AirPods Pro is significantly improved compared to Airpods, it still cannot match the bass performance of Elite 85t.

However, the real value of AirPods Pro is in the local audio. Enabling this feature allows you to enjoy 3D surround sound effects and create an immersive audience experience while watching movies. Compared to the Elite 85t, it is more entertaining to watch movies.

Winner: Jabra Elite 85t

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Jabra elite 85t: ANC

The noise-cancelling effect of the two headphones is equally good, but based on adjustability, Jabra Elite 85t has more advantages than Airpods Pro.

Users can tailor the Elite 85 active noise reduction function and adjust the intensity to five levels. Each level will reduce the sound by 3 decibels.

Featuring a six-microphone system, Qualcomm’s QCC5126 chip, and Jabra’s dedicated ANC noise cancelation chip, the Elite 85t can effectively block 85% of ambient noise and eliminate common interference sounds like bird sounds and doorbells.

However, these cannot be eradicated. High-frequency sounds such as car horns and whistles can only be heard when the distance is very close. Since the launch of the AirPods Pro in 2019, Apple’s ANC system has been highly praised and has always been the object of comparison.

The single-ear dual-microphone system eliminates noise so that commuting, noisy colleagues, and many of the disturbances you encounter every day can be quiet, which is very good. However, Apple’s technology is not as powerful as Jabra’s, which can eliminate approximately 80% of ambient sound at most.

Both the AirPods and the Elite 85t have a transparent mode or ambient sound mode, allowing the ambient sound to enter the ear to understand the surrounding environment better.

However, Jabra’s surround sound mode provides better clarity, making it easier to communicate with others when you don’t want to turn off the headphones or stop playing music.

Winner: Jabra Elite 85t

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Jabra Elite 85t: Apps and special features

Jabra Sound + App is the hub of all functions of Elite 85t. Users can choose according to their preferences in terms of sound, from self-setting EQ to well-designed preset tuning (suitable for most types of music).

You can also adjust the call quality through the “sidetone” function or use the “call equalizer” to add more treble or bass to the other party to improve the call quality.

Jabra has other features worth checking out, including MyControls and MySound. The former allows you to personalize and adjust the controls on both ears. In contrast, the latter allows you to perform audio testing and create a unique sound configuration based on the user’s hearing.

Also, the intensity of ANC and HearThrough modes can be adjusted. With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple began to introduce the heavyweight features of AirPods Pro, and the aforementioned spatial audio is one of the features.

As long as these iDevices are logged into the same iCloud account, iOS users will also get an automatic switching function that can easily switch between audio sources.

Moreover, AirPods Pro already has some of the benefits provided by the H1 chip, including better battery management, “Hey Siri,” and audio sharing between two pairs of AirPods or Beats headphones.

Apple has not yet developed an adjustable EQ for its headsets. You can still modify the audio from 20 different presets by entering the iPhone settings (you can also do this in Spotify).

Finally, the wonderful thing about these two true wireless Bluetooth headsets is that they can get more functions through firmware updates.

Winner: Draw

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Jabra Elite 85t: Call Quality

Apple’s noise-canceling microphones are unique in that they can minimize background sounds to enjoy clear calls. In the past year, it has been praised even more, especially in video conferences. Many people have appreciated the loudness and clarity of the phone.

The H1 chip provides users with 50% of the talk time, which is also great and very important for business people who have to answer the phone all day.

The call quality of the Elite 85t has been improved compared to the previous generation. Jabra’s microphone system is very good when answering outdoor calls.

It can eliminate external sounds and make the other party unaware of the noise around us during the call. Despite its excellent performance, AirPods Pro is a more reliable headset for calls.

Winner: AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Jabra Elite 85t: Battery Life

Jabra Elite 85t can provide 5.5 hours of playback time after ANC is turned on, which is only one hour longer than AirPods Pro (4.5 hours), but you can also choose to turn off the noise reduction function to increase the use time by 2 hours.

Of course, you can also turn off the noise reduction function (ANC and transparent mode) on AirPods Pro, but it still can’t provide more usage time than Elite 85t.

Like the Elite 85t, Airpods Pro also has excellent power optimization features to maximize the user’s listening time. Both headsets have a fast-charging function.

AirPods Pro can provide 2 hours of charging time within 15 minutes of charging time, while Elite 85t can be used for 1 hour in the same charging time.

Apple and Jabra’s charging boxes also support wireless charging, be used with Qi-certified wireless chargers, and have the same total endurance when ANC is turned 24 hours.

Winner: Jabra Elite 85t


Which AirPods Pro or Jabra Elite 85t is more suitable for you?

We can find that both AirPods Pro and Jabra Elite 85t can get an excellent experience from the above comparison. AirPods Pro and Elite 85t both provide pleasing sound and have multiple functions for extended functions.

AirPods Pro has an impressive noise reduction function, more practical control buttons, and voice assistants and can be said to be the first among true wireless Bluetooth headsets in terms of call quality. As for the Jabra Elite 85t, it has longer battery life and a more powerful ANC.


Which is cheaper, AirPods Pro or Elite 85t?

The Jabra Elite 85t is $229.99, which is only slightly lower than the AirPods Pro’s $249.00.

Which AirPods Pro or Elite 85t is more convenient and comfortable to operate?

Airpods Pro puts the force sensor at the bottom of the radio rod. So unlike the physical buttons of the Elite 85t, the discomfort of pushing the earphones into the ear canal when pressed.

What is the difference between the sound performance of AirPods Pro and Elite 85t?

The Elite 85t has a pleasant and vibrant sound, somewhere between bright and warm. AirPods Pro’s sound is clean and warm, and the bass effect is greatly improved compared to Airpods, but it is still not comparable to the bass performance of Elite 85t.

However, AirPods Pro’s spatial audio can create an immersive listening experience when watching movies, which is more entertaining than Elite 85t.

AirPods Pro or Elite 85t, which has a better noise cancellation effect?

Elite 85t can effectively block 85% of environmental sounds, and AirPods Pro can eliminate about 80% of environmental sounds at most. Elite 85t can also adjust the intensity of noise reduction and ambient sound as needed.

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