How Do you Pair Wireless Earbuds to Each Other: 7 Step by Step Guide

If you’d like to enjoy your favorite tracks without having to worry about cords, wireless earbuds are a great option. However, how do you pair wireless earbuds to each other?

Pairing them is super easy and can be done within minutes. We’ll walk you through the process of pairing wireless earphones with your smartphone or music player in this article.

How Do you Pair Wireless Earbuds to Each Other?

How Do you Pair Wireless Earbuds to Each Other

Have you recently purchased wireless headphones? If so, how do you pair them to each other?

Wireless headsets work like any other kind of headset, but they don’t use any wires between the speakers and your device.

The only physical connection is a small radio transmitter that plugs into your audio jack. To start using wireless earbuds, all you need to do is turn on their Bluetooth function and detect it with the transmitter. Here are some steps how:

1. Turning On the Wireless Earbuds

On your earbuds, you will find the power button. It should be located somewhere at the end. If it is not, look for an indentation or switch that could turn it on or off.

Press this button to turn them on and confirm they are synced with each other you will hear a tone in either device if they do pair well together if you don’t hear any sounds, try pressing the power buttons again.

Put your wireless headset away for now, and we’ll get to testing them soon enough!

2. Pairing the Wireless Earbuds

Please turn on your Bluetooth transmitter and put it in pairing mode by pressing and holding its power button for five seconds. Next, select “Add” or “Search Devices” on your transmitter’s menu to detect the wireless earbuds that are within range (about 30 feet).

A light indicator should blink, letting you know that it is searching for other Bluetooth units. When you see “Wireless Headphones” displayed on the screen of your transmitter, select it to complete pairing successfully with your wireless earbuds.

3. Find the Transmitter

Remove the small audio cable that came with your wireless headset if necessary to plug in your transmitter. Then, please turn it on and synchronize your two devices by pressing the same buttons on each device (the power button) within three seconds of each other).

You will hear a tone when you do this. This is an indication that they are in sync. If you don’t hear any sounds, press them again-paying close attention to lights blinking around the edges of these devices as well as light up patterns after syncing.

Note: Any specific light patterns or tones that sound to confirm you have successfully paired both devices.

4. Make Sure They Are Fully Charged

Before using your new wireless earbuds:

  1. Make sure they are fully charged.
  2. Use the charger to plug them in and wait about 1-2 hours to become fully charged. After this time has passed, you can press the power button on each set to turn them on.
  3. If they do not seem to communicate with each other within 30 minutes or if turning them on yields no results after several tries, try moving closer together (within 3-4 feet of each other) and syncing again.
  4. Repeat this process until you successfully pair both devices together without any problems.
  5. Note that some charging docks may require a separate sync button to be pressed along with the power buttons to pair them up successfully.

5. Testing Your Wireless Earbuds

As long as you have successfully paired both devices together, there is no need to keep them near the transmitter. Instead, place your earbuds in or around your ears, and they will play music wirelessly.

This is done via Bluetooth for some wireless headsets, while others are more advanced and do not need any physical connections between devices, allowing for more freedom of movement.

Note that most wireless headsets come with a tiny clip attached to the audio cable that allows you to attach it somewhere nearby for easy access during use.

6. Charging the Battery in Your Wireless Earbuds

Make sure your wireless earbuds are turned off before attempting to charge them. Most wireless headsets come with a charging kit that uses USB for power (compatible with most computers or laptop USB ports).

These kits include multiple adapters, so they will work in many different countries while traveling internationally.

Note that because these devices use tiny lithium-ion batteries, it is best not to leave them out in the sun or set them directly on flammable materials like paper towels or wood tables while plugging in and charging up. Also, this item is not intended to be used as a toy for children under the age of 5. Keep earbuds out of reach from children younger than this age.

7. Tips for Using Your Wireless Headset

Although wireless headsets are amazing, there are some things you should know before diving in headfirst with your purchase.

First of all, make sure you are always within a range of 30-40 feet while using them (some higher-end models extend this distance up to 200 feet!).

Many people make the mistake of assuming if their wireless headset does not work on one floor that it will not work on another.

Still, sometimes, they may need to sync them up with each other again by pressing buttons on either side within seconds of each other.

The batteries will need to be recharged more often as they are used. Depending on how long you use your wireless headset. This could be anywhere from 1-2 hours a day up to 8+.

While there is no ideal time frame one can follow, it’s safe to say you should not expect them to last 8+ hours straight without needing a recharge.

Only one Bluetooth Earbud Works at a Time

This is not an issue because there are cases where only one person talks on the phone at once, or only one person listens to the music.

Also, the earbuds are not fully functioning because you can turn off one of them to save power.

You can also switch between the two earbuds and use them at the same time. Another reason for this is that it has a better audio quality when you use one earbud at a time.

There are not many people who would want to buy or use Bluetooth headsets. So if it did function fully, we would have far more options when looking for Bluetooth headsets.

One of the main reasons why only one Bluetooth headset works at a time is that if both of them worked simultaneously, there would be much interference from other objects in the area near where you might be using these devices.

How Do you Pair Left and Right Earbuds?

Left and right earbuds are a great way to listen to music, watch videos, or play games on your phone.

To get the most out of these devices, they must be paired together correctly. For this pairing process to work, you will need two earbuds with a 3.5mm jack which can plug into an audio device such as a laptop computer or stereo receiver.

Left and Right earbuds can be paired to each other in the following way:

1. Hold the Left earbud button for 6 seconds. When you hear the voice prompt “Power off”, then release the button.

2. Pairing indicator light will keep flashing, the Left earbud is now in pairing mode, and it will automatically pair with the Right earbud when the Right earbud is powered on with its respective steps below.

Note: The connection between Left and Right earbuds is made automatically once they are successfully paired within 30ft(10M). You can also manually connect them via Bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet if the connection failed.

3. Once both Left and Right earbuds are connected successfully, you will hear a voice prompt, “Earphones connected.” The pairing is complete.

You should hear an audible “Left or Right” prompt when you first pair the earphones. If you don’t, turn both earphones on, press and hold the On/Off button until you hear “Left” followed by “Right,” then release.

How Do you Pair the Earbuds with my Phone?

On the right earbud housing, you will see an ear shape. First, make sure your phone volume is turned ON and find your headphone volume setting on the device.

Next, put the other earbud in your remaining ear, so each one sits comfortably in one of your ears without creating pressure or discomfort.

Turn up the opening song to about 50%, then click “connect” on the bottom right corner of this page to complete the pairing process with your device.


If you want to use your wireless earbuds simultaneously, it’s best to have them in both ears. However, you can also pair one of each side so that they’re on either left or right if you prefer.

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