How to Find Lost Samsung Earbuds: Include 3 Tips

Do you have Samsung earbuds that have been lost? How do you feel about this? I bet you’re feeling pretty frustrated. This is an annoying thing to happen to anyone, and it’s even more so when your expensive earbuds are the ones that got lost!

How to Find Lost Samsung Earbuds? If you have the same question on your mind, then you are in the right place to find the answer.

This blog post will help guide you through everything from how to find your Samsung headphones in the first place up until what happens after they’ve been found.

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How to Find Lost Samsung Earbuds?

How to Find Lost Samsung Earbuds

You can use the Find My Mobile feature to search for your Galaxy phone or tablet, watch, or earbuds if you have lost them.

It allows you to lock or unlock (if necessary), locate (even if it’s turned off), and wipe all data from your device remotely, including payment information for Samsung Pay.

This service is also available within the Galaxy Wearable app for those who have a watch or earbuds that connect wirelessly with their phone and use this system.

Note: You will find that the screens and settings available on your remote devices will vary by your wireless service provider, the software version, and the device model; your remote devices must be powered on to be located.

1. Lock Your Device Remotely

If any of your devices are lost or stolen, you can use the Find My Mobile feature to lock it remotely. When in Lock mode, a password will be required before using the device.

To lock/unlock your device via Find my mobile:

  • Go to samsung “find my mobile” on a computer or mobile connected to the internet and sign in with your Samsung account credentials, OR simultaneously press and hold the Power button (top) and Home button (middle) for seven seconds until this logo appears on the screen, then release both buttons; OR if Android Device Manager is open on another phone or tablet, tap Locate from there.
  • Select one of three options: Erase [device], Lock now, or Unlock now.
  • To unlock the device, enter your password (see note below), and then tap Unlock.
Note: If you cannot sign in with your Samsung account credentials or Find My Mobile is not working even though you enabled it before losing the device, use Android Device Manager.

To lock/unlock using the Android Device Manager app on another phone:

  • On a computer signed into Google, go to; OR download and open this app on another smartphone or tablet, OR simultaneously press and hold the Power button (top) and Volume down key (middle) for seven seconds until this logo appears on the screen then release both buttons, OR enable Bluetooth on another mobile phone or tablet within ten feet of your device.
  • Select one of three options: Lock, Unlock or Erase.
Note: If you are unable to sign in with your Google account credentials, use the Android Device Manager app on another phone if it is available; otherwise, try using Samsung Find My Mobile service from a computer connected to the internet and signed in to the same account as when you enabled this feature.

2. SmartThings Find

Many of us have lost our devices at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get them back. So Samsung has created the SmartThings Find function in its Samsung SmartThings App.

It will scan your devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals and show you a map showing detailed information, including addresses and timestamps.

If you need to locate a Galaxy phone for a friend, you can share your device information with them. Don’t worry if that doesn’t provide enough tracking options. The app has many more features.

You can connect to Find My Mobile within the SmartThings App, which will allow you to lock or wipe your device remotely.

3. Find your Earbuds with the Wearable app

To find your lost Samsung Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds 2, and Galaxy Buds Live, you’ll need to make sure they are charged and connected to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone or tablet. If they are connected to the app, you should find them easily by following these steps.


1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone or tablet

2. Find ‘Find My Gear’ in the Sidebar menu of the app, and click it

3. The app will tell you any connected devices nearby – a pop-up message will show you this information.

4. If you get a pop-up message saying the earbuds are not connected, make sure they charge and connect them to your phone or tablet using the USB cable.

5. The app will say if the device is very close by – this might be more accurate on some devices than others! You should find it within a few meters of your device.

6. If you can’t find the earbuds, make sure they are charged and follow the prompts on your screen to ring them loudly or send a custom alarm to guide you towards their location.

7. Once you’ve found your Samsung earbuds, select ‘I’ve Found My Gear’ to stop the alarm.

If the earbud’s battery is dead or out of Bluetooth range, you will not be able to use the Find My Earbuds app. In addition, the app cannot locate a missing charging case.


Find your earbuds with the Wearable app talking to Samsung users. You can also remotely lock and unlock your device from a distance, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them at home or in some other public place.

In case of loss, theft, or damage, Find My Mobile lets you wipe data on the phone remotely if it’s ever stolen, which is better than having someone access all of your private information!

For help finding lost devices that haven’t been synced yet, check out our article on how to find a lost android phone without a Wi-Fi connection.

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