Why Do Streamers Use Earbuds?

Nowadays, streaming live on YouTube, Facebook, or other social media is becoming more and more popular. When you watch live streaming, you will notice that streamers wear earbuds. This may lead you to wonder why do streamers use earbuds?

Being a streamer, you want to interact with your audience as much as possible without worrying that nobody can hear you. That’s why many streamers use earbuds, which provide decent sound quality and comfort during long streams.

There are many other reasons to use earbuds. We will discuss them below.

Why Do Streamers Use Earbuds

Why Do Streamers Use Earbuds at All?

Earbuds are convenient because they sit in your ears, provide good sound quality, and are very comfortable to wear.

There are many reasons why streamers choose earbuds over other solutions to provide their viewers with better audio during their streaming sessions.

Here are some of the benefits of using earbuds for streamers

1. Comfort

The most obvious reason why many streamers use earbuds for streaming is that they are lightweight and provide comfort, especially for longer streams.

You may have to speak a lot during your live streaming, so it’s best if the microphones you wear don’t have excess weight.

The same goes with headphones or earbuds- if they’re too heavy, you won’t be enjoying your long streams.

Also, many streamers like to use earbuds because they can easily switch between different devices while streaming such as computers and phones.

2. Clarity of sound

Another reason why streamers wear earbuds is the clarity of sound it provides. For example, using a standard microphone and speakers may cause significant noise and echo during live streaming.

That’s why most streamers opt for earbuds or headsets which provide better sound quality. Also, many streamers choose earbuds with in-line controls to easily switch between different devices such as switching from the computer to the phone.

3. Comfort of using a microphone

Comfort is the most important aspect of choosing devices for streaming. What’s more, many streamers choose earbuds because they don’t have to worry about having their microphone muted or unmuted. It may seem like a minor problem, but it’s something that can be quite frustrating.

4. Extended use of mobile devices

Many streamers choose to wear earbuds because they use mobile devices with limited space for additional hardware.

For example, if you have your streaming device on your phone, you won’t want to wear bulky headphones on top of the earbuds you’re already using to listen to music on your device.

5. Intimate feel of the stream

Some streamers like to use earbuds or headsets because it provides a better connection with their audience, making them feel more intimate during streaming. That’s because many viewers can hear how their favorite streamer sounds in real life.

6. Comfort during long sessions

As mentioned before, comfort is one of the main reasons streamers use earbuds or headsets for streaming. In addition, many streamers prefer to use earbuds because they are lightweight and don’t cause discomfort after wearing them for long hours.

7. Better sound quality during streaming

As mentioned above, earbuds provide better sound quality for streamers and their audience. That’s because you can hear what your favorite streamer hears, making the experience much more personal, intimate, and fun.

8. Better noise control

Earbuds provide better noise control during streaming because the earbuds themselves prevent you from hearing any external sounds, which can be quite distracting.

9. Visibility for streaming

Some streamers choose to use earbuds because they are much less visible on camera than headphones, making it easier for your audience to see your face while streaming.

10. Ease of use

As mentioned earlier, many streamers switch between devices while streaming, and earbuds with in-line controls make this job much easier because you can easily control what device is being used without taking off the headphones or earbuds.

11. Aesthetics

Many streamers use earbuds because wearing them is part of the whole streaming persona. That’s why many streamers are very picky when choosing their devices for live-streaming, making sure that they have the cutest models available, which they can wear on camera.

12. Isolation from surroundings

Most earbuds and headsets provide some degree of isolation from the surroundings. That’s why many streamers choose to use them because they prevent them from hearing any sounds, including important sounds such as fire alarms or smoke detectors.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using earbuds for streamers

1. Mic quality

One of the disadvantages of using earbuds is that many streamers choose earbuds that are not as good as standard microphones. That’s because some streamers do not prefer to wear earbuds during streaming. 

2. Hard to hear external sounds

Many people find it hard to hear external sounds while using earbuds. This can be a problem if you stream in a loud environment and need to chat with your audience from time to time.

3. Expensive equipment

Another disadvantage of using earbuds is their high price. As a result, many streamers choose not to spend extra cash on new equipment and stick with traditional headphones instead.

That’s why we recommend you check out some best low-budget streaming earbuds if your streaming budget is tight.

4. Not as comfortable

Many streamers find earbuds uncomfortable because they make the ears sweat. That’s because many types of earbuds don’t have any ventilation holes. So, before choosing the best type of streaming earbuds for your needs, check out their online reviews first.

5. Easier to misplace or break

As earbuds are smaller than traditional headphones, they are more likely to get lost or broken. That’s why it always makes sense to have a backup earbud ready just in case your main pair gets damaged.

6. Earbuds falling apart

Another common disadvantage is that many earbuds fall apart due to the lack of proper care and maintenance.

Some models come with customizable prongs, but most earbuds don’t. That’s why it always makes sense to buy a pair of high-quality streaming headphones for your personal use.

What Should You Look for When Buying Earbuds?

When you decide to buy your first pair of streaming earbuds, keep the following tips in mind:

Sound quality: To stream, you will need a pair of earbuds with excellent sound quality. In order to find out whether the headphones you’re looking at have great or poor sound quality, check their frequency response range and the impedance per channel.

The frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), kiloHertz (kHz), or megaHertz (MHz). The range for streaming earbuds is between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.

Fit: If you want your audience to hear every sound you make, make sure you pick earbuds or headphones that fit comfortably.

That’s why many streamers try their equipment before they decide to wear it during live-streaming sessions.

Wireless design: Wireless design is the best solution for streamers because it doesn’t put any additional strain on your ears.

However, keep in mind that wireless earbuds are more expensive than wired ones. In addition, some models come with a built-in microphone so you can chat with your audience.

Noise Cancelling: If you stream in a loud environment, consider buying earbuds that provide noise cancelling. That’s because these models let you focus on your streaming session without being distracted by the events around you.

In-line controls: As mentioned above, most models come with small in-line controls so you can easily adjust sound volume or chat with your audience during the stream.

Comfortable design: While it’s hard to provide universal advice on what’s comfortable and what’s not, you should follow one general rule.

Try to pick earbuds that fit your ears perfectly and come with soft foam or rubber tips. That way, your audience will hear every sound you make, and you won’t need to worry about comfort.

Price: As with everything else, you will need to pay more for high-quality earbuds and headsets for streaming. That’s why we recommend that you stick with affordable models.

Earbuds vs. Headset: Which is Best for Streaming?

Although some streamers use both earbuds and headsets, there are a few differences between these two devices:

  • With earbuds, you usually have one open ear, not letting any external sound in, while your ears are completely covered with headsets. That’s why many streamers prefer to use earbuds because they still have the control of hearing what’s happening around them.
  • When it comes to comfort, headsets are usually more comfortable than earbuds, mostly because they are bigger, so they fit closely to your head, making them lighter and less noticeable. On the other hand, earbuds are usually smaller, which can cause discomfort, especially if you use them for long streaming sessions.
  • Earbuds are usually equipped with in-line controls, making it easier to control what device is being used by the streamer without taking off their headphones. Headphones usually don’t have any control buttons, so you have to do everything using your device.
  • Headphones are much more visible on camera, making it easier for your audience to see you while streaming. While earbuds seem a lot less visible on camera and, let’s face it, sometimes they can even blend into your skin if they’re the same color as your skin tone.
  • When it comes to sound quality, earbuds provide much clearer sound, but that doesn’t mean that headphones don’t have good quality. Headphones usually have better sound quality because they are bigger and have more/better speakers.
  • When it comes to noise control, both devices work the same way. They prevent you from hearing any external sounds, which can be distracting for your audience.
  • Earbuds are usually wireless and don’t have a cord, making their use much easier.


1. What are the Best Headphones for Streaming?

There is no universal answer to this question because it will depend on your budget, streaming goals, and equipment you already have. The best advice we can give regarding what headphones to buy is that you should check out our review section, find models that fit your budget and make sure they come with a built-in microphone. If you’re on a tight budget, go with some HyperX or Logitech headsets.

2. Do I need a gaming headset for streaming?

Again, there is no universal answer to this question because it will depend on your needs and budget. In most cases, PC streamers who have a more powerful PC or laptop will stream without any additional help from a headset. However, even with a built-in webcam and an external microphone, you can always achieve better results using a dedicated gaming headset.

3. Why are earbuds better for streaming?

Because their size won’t be as visible on camera as larger headphones because of their size, because of the lack of a cable, you will have more freedom to move around during your streams without worrying that your headset is going to fall off or get tangled. Another reason is that they provide better sound quality because they cover your ears completely, making it easier for you to pick up distinct sounds in games.

4. Can you use different headphones for streaming?

If you have multiple headphones, why not use one to stream with? While it’s really up to you, the safest thing is to stick with one pair of dedicated gaming or streaming headphones that are known to work well on cameras and will provide better sound quality during your streams.


To be a successful streamer, you need to find a device that works well in your specific environment. For example, if you’re going to stream from home, then consider buying wireless earbuds since they provide better sound quality and don’t put any additional strain on your ears.

If you want to get earbuds for streaming, then you should read our recommendations below.

Best Earbuds for Streamers

If you are in the market for the best earbuds for streaming, then you should check out our top picks.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus True Wireless Earbuds

[amazon box=”B083KVM9VW” template=”vertical”]

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are the best earbuds for streaming because they support excellent sound quality and comfortable design.

These earbuds stand out because they come with a wireless charging case. The battery life of these earbuds is also impressive. You can play music or talk to your audience for 11 hours before recharging them.

Besides that, this model provides excellent noise isolation thanks to the ear tips design. As a result, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are perfect for your Twitch or YouTube streams.

2. Apple AirPods 2nd Generation Earbuds

[amazon box=”B07PXGQC1Q” template=”vertical”]

Apple Airpods 2 is another great choice if you wear wireless earbuds for streaming. The battery life is amazing as you can talk to your audience for up to 3.5 hours before recharging them.

What’s more, this model comes with a charging case so you can enjoy up to 5 hours of usage time. Plus, they are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

However, the sound quality of Apple AirPods 2 leaves much to be desired. If you are an audiophile, consider buying high-end earbuds instead.

3. TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

[amazon box=”B085NPCQLT” template=”vertical”]

TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds are the best for streaming if you need noise canceling features.

This model comes with a built-in microphone and in-line controller so you can easily adjust sound volume or chat with your audience during the stream.

Besides that, these earbuds provide great sound quality and have a comfortable design. In addition, the battery life is pretty long because you can play music or chat with your audience for up to 8 hours before recharging the earbuds.

4. Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds with 4 Microphones

[amazon box=”B07SJR6HL3″ template=”vertical”]

Anker Soundcore Life P2 is a great choice for streamers because it comes with in-line controls and a built-in microphone. That way, you can easily adjust sound volume or chat with your audience during the streaming session.

Besides that, this model comes with high-quality drivers specifically tuned for bass and clear vocals.

As for connectivity, you can connect Anker Soundcore Life P2 via Bluetooth 5.0. The battery life is pretty good because you can play music or chat with your audience for 7 hours before recharging the earbuds.

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